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Ghanaian author to launch FREE BOOK on Telegram about his real-life heartbreak story

Ebenezer Agbey Quist

Ebenezer Agbey Quist, a Ghanaian author and copywriter is launching a new title called AGBƐWOE-3, which is a story about his love experience in senior high school.

The title is a combination of his name Agbey and that of the girl in question called Ewoenam and the ‘3’ stands for the 3-year period during which Ebenezer encountered what he describes as a profound love experience.

AGBƐWOE-3 tells the real-life story of how Ebenezer fell head-over-heels in love with a girl, fulfilling every attribute of ‘true love’ but still broke apart later.

“My experience with this girl taught me a lot about love and how it should be.

It also taught me how to handle yourself when facing a painful break-up that you did not see coming,” Ebenezer says.

AGBƐWOE-3 extracts key lessons about love, relationships and marriage from the real-life experiences Ebenezer experienced.

In total 15 different key lessons were fully explained after every narration of an interesting scenario that occurred during Ebenezer’s love encounter with Ewoenam.

Below were only 5 such lessons:
• ‘True love’ is not immune to troubles and it can be broken if not handled properly.

• Lookout for someone’s worst side (not their best) before settling with them.
The worst part of a person is the best indicator for your compatibility with them.

• Healing from a break-off has similar steps as falling in love.

• A good suitor is not one that is perfect (nobody is) but one that is perfect for you.

• No matter how hurtful a break-up may be for you, there are ways you can make a gain out of your pain.

AGBƐWOE-3 is being launched for FREE on Telegram coming Wednesday, September 21, 2022. You can join the Telegram platform on t.me/eqayinspire.

Ebenezer Agbey Quist is the author of Cheers and Tears of After-School Life (eqayinspire.com/cheers-and-tears), which is a guide on how to handle life after transitioning from school into the labour market.

He also wrote Reformed or Deformed (fb.com/reformedordeformed) which was sold in close to 10 public universities in Ghana since its release in the year 2016.

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