Ghanaian doctors shouldn’t compare themselves to police

Doctors and Police
Doctors and Police


Doctors and Police
Doctors and Police
Dear striking Doctors.

I greet you from the hot and rainy streets of Chiraa and beyond. I bring you regards from the battle field where we face bullets everyday.

Over the last few months I have heard that you are fighting for a befitting working condition for your membership. I prayed that you should succeed because every worker in Ghana deserves a good working condition and so if you haven’t had it in this long while, it is never too late to ask for one.

But unfortunately, you laid down your surgical tools along the way when negotiations were still going on. Some have called your action as putting the gun to the neck of government to accept your proposal. You started by attending to only emergencies and not opd case.

Now I hear you have downed completely your surgical gowns and tools and have even threatened to resign en masse come a certain date and go to Nigeria to practice.

I find your action as very very unfortunate considering the way your over a month strike has ended the lives of many many innocent Ghanaians.

Remember we are in this together- the business of protecting lives, you protect and save me and my family and likewise I protect and save all of you and your families. I am wondering whether the way the Ghanaian people are dying unnecessarily in the various hospitals I should also go to sleep for some one hour so that the arm robbers will force you out of your home into the hospitals again. Will you call my action fair, negligence, wickedness or insanity?

I am sure you guys are sleeping peacefully with your families whilst working in your private hospitals. Will it be proper if I also ask my colleagues policemen and women to strike for the robbers to have a field day over you?

Will you be able to work in your private hospitals again? Please think about this and remember your service is as essential as mine and mine as essential as yours. We are in this together.

I have heard and read on the various radio stations and internet news portals recently that you’re bringing us into the picture by your “strange and miraculous discovery” of a certain document called the C.I.76. The police service regulations Act.

I wonder why in your quest to get better working condition for yourselves , you’re are comparing yourselves to the police. I thought you said the police are not “intelligent” and that it is intelligent people who become medical doctors. Why is it that “unintelligible” people have a proper document in place ala the C.I.76 guiding their work and in that same document are sections specifying in clear detail how the men and women of the service should be treated albeit not been adhered to by officialdom. Call it service conditions and you won’t be wrong but remember is an Act of parliament.

Unfortunately, you the intelligent doctors haven’t had a service condition document since your formation preceding Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana.

I wonder sometimes a lot why almost all the professional institutions in this country, in their attempt to fight for better conditions are fighting the police service for no crime committed. Are you looking for worse conditions for us so that your conditions can become better?

We didn’t ask you to be “intelligent”, it is God who made you “intelligent”. If you don’t want to do the job of intelligent people again, you should drop your surgical tools and pick the AK47 and join the “unintelligible”people on the streets in fighting arm robbery or on the roads in ending the road carnage.

My service conditions preceding this time was one of the worst in terms of favorable working conditions of all government workers put together but because I respect my oath to protect lives and property either in rain or shine, I never went on any strike so that innocent people would suffer the consequence of my actions.

I (police) don’t begrudge you at all for fighting for your right but it is the most dishonorable thing to do in times like this to compare the police service to your medical profession. Worst of all, is to reprint a public document ie the C.I.76 police service regulations and call it a “secret document” it is so shameful that people of your standing do not know that such documents can be procured at the Ghana Publishing Cooperation-the government publisher.

Please find another government institution and make your wishful comparisons and leave the Ghana Police Service to concentrate on giving the best of security to the people of this great Nation.

From your friend in the business of protecting lives. Essential services they call us or?

Thank you

Yours Servant
Chiraa Police Station
Sunyani BA

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