Ghanaian Drowned At Swimming Area In Hamburg.


Homicide Detective determined against lifeguard in Hamburg.

A young Ghanaian is drowned at a Beach in Hamburg-Farmsen.Fire Department divers find the 20 years old Osei at a depth of nine metres.?The young man was a well trained swimmer, and was also very good at playing football. He played for the Hamburg Sport Team youth, (HSV youth).

The Late Osei Drowned In Hamburg
The Late Osei Drowned In Hamburg
Osei, who was even though a very good swimmer was?drowned suddenly in the swimming area of Hamburg-Farmsen, after shouting many times for help.?The Hamburger police?mord kommission?has charged the pool emergency staff for suspicion of manslaughter.
Police spokeswoman Karina Sadowsky: “it’s about the suspicion of manslaughter against the pool emergency?stafff forfailing to render assistance.?Impending punishment: up to five years in prison or fine!


Young kicker Osei S. (20, formerly HSV youth, last played Oststeinbeker SV)?swimed?in the Lake last Friday with friends, when he?suddenly shouted for many “I get no air” and went under.


His friends diving after him – in vain.?Cry out for help!


It was after about some minutes that the?emergency?staff who were about 130meters away from the shore noticed. The 31 years old?swim?master and her 65 year-old colleague who had no diving equipment rowed in the boat to assist but their help was too late. Osei was already at the 9 meter deep base of the lake, dead.


Shocked guests expressed to the police over allegations against the pool staff. They?had reacted too late!


The Managing Director of the?swim?guard, Carl-Heinz Goetz (65 years)?rejected allegations, “My employees have made no errors.”?He complains about the police, “We were treated like criminals to the extent that?lifeguards were sent to cell.”
FRANCIS TAWIAH (Duisburg – Germany)
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