Ghanaian Girls’ Prefer Shisha Over Cigarettes – FDA

Francisca Patoah Gyarko
Francisca Patoah Gyarko

In an unexpected revelation, the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) has disclosed that Ghanaian girls are showing a growing preference for shisha over traditional cigarettes.

According to the FDA, these young women claim that cigarettes leave a distinctive smell that immediately gives away their smoking habit, making it difficult to conceal.

The issue of concealing the smoky scent is such a concern that some individuals resort to using perfumes to disperse the smell, which can raise suspicions in itself. Recognizing the challenges faced by these smokers, the FDA has brought attention to a rather disconcerting trend emerging among Ghanaian girls.

They have observed that some enterprising individuals have even gone as far as creating candies infused with hard drugs, making it even more challenging to detect their substance abuse.

Francisca Patoah Gyarko, a Regulatory Officer at Food and Drugs Authority, Sunyani Office revelation has shed light on the extent of the drug problem among Ghanaian young ladies. It raises important questions about the underlying factors contributing to this behaviour and highlights the need for comprehensive awareness and prevention programs to address this issue.

Presenting a situational Report on Fake Drugs menace in the Bono Region at a meeting attended by departmental heads, government agencies, and MDCE’s from the Bono.

Francisca Patoah Gyarko said Substance abuse, particularly among women, has become a pressing concern in Ghana. The reasons behind this trend are multifaceted and complex, necessitating a holistic approach from stakeholders to tackle the root causes and provide the necessary support and education to those affected.

The FDA, alongside other relevant authorities, is determined to address this alarming trend and mitigate the potential harm caused by substance abuse. By increasing awareness about the dangers of shisha and other forms of drug use, they aim to empower Ghanaian girls to make informed choices regarding their health and well-being.

Efforts are underway to collaborate with educational institutions, community leaders, and other relevant organizations to develop targeted interventions and preventive measures. The goal is to create an environment that promotes healthy lifestyles, fosters resilience, and offers support systems to those at risk.

The revelations made by Francisca Patoah Gyarko serve as a wake-up call for society as a whole. It is imperative that everyone works together to combat substance abuse, providing a nurturing environment where young girls can thrive without resorting to harmful behaviours.

By addressing the root causes, offering support, and providing accessible resources, Ghana can ensure the well-being of its future generations. It is through collective efforts that the nation can pave the way for a brighter, healthier, and drug-free future for all its citizens, irrespective of gender.

picture:Francisca Patoah Gyarko, Regulatory Officer at Food and Drugs Authority,

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