Ghanaian leaders urged to place Ghana first

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The Municipal Chief Executive of New Juaben South, Mr Isaac Appau-Gyesi has called on Ghanaian leaders to place Ghana first in all their development undertakings.

Mr Appau-Gyesi was speaking at a send-off party organized by the Koforidua Regional Hospital to honour the out-going Director of the hospital, Dr Kwame Anim Boamah at Koforidua.

He said from all indications, Dr Boamah was a transformational leader who helped turn the Koforidua Regional Hospital into one of the best health facilities in the country.

Mr Appau-Gyesi urged the staff of the Koforidua Regional Hospital to continue to work together to ensure that for many years to come, the hospital would continue to maintain its current status as one of the best regional hospital in the country.

Dr Appiah Kusi, a Physician Specialist said the work of Dr Boamah indicated that it was possible for Ghana to be made clean and urged the heads of the various departments of the hospital to think how best to serve the patients of the hospital and said when the leader of the department is selfless, the other staff would fall in line.

Dr Sampson B. Ofori, a Consultant to the hospital called on the staff of the hospital to build on the legacy of Dr Boamah.

Dr Boamah joined the hospital as a Gynecologist, later became the head of the gynecology department and then the Director of the Regional Hospital.

As a Director, Dr Boamah used the Internally Generated Funds to rehabilitate the whole hospital, created an oxygen plant for the hospital to help the hospital to save money and generate extra money for the hospital and led the hospital to introduce an electronic folder system.

Dr Boamah’s administration instituted a compulsory annual medical examination for all the staff of the hospital funded by the facility to help keep all the staff medically fit.

His greatest achievement was to ensure that the hospital was kept exceptionally clean at all times.

Under the leadership of Dr Boamah, the Koforidua Regional Hospital won an award as the best regional hospital in the country and in 2018, he was adjudged the best Director of Regional Hospitals in Ghana.

Under Dr Boamah, Koforidua Regional Hospital became a centre of excellence and manager’s health facilities both in Ghana and outside Ghana came to understudy the hospital.

As part of the send-off package, the management of the hospital presented a citation to Dr Boamah.
In response, Dr Boamah thanked the management and staff of the hospital for their support.


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