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Ghanaian Media Mogul Sheds Light on Deceptive Political Tactics

Francis Owusu Ansah
Francis Owusu Ansah

In a candid discussion, the CEO of Key Media Solutions, Mr. Francis Owusu-Ansah has shed light on the troubling reality of how politicians in Ghana are exploiting lies as a strategic tool to achieve electoral success.


Speaking on Sunyani Based Space FM’s flagship weekend program, “The Hot Points,” Owusu-Ansah provided a detailed analysis of these tactics, acknowledging that the use of deception and misinformation in politics is not a new phenomenon, but rather a well-established tactic employed by political figures to capture the attention of the public and secure their hold on power.


“Politicians all over the world have resorted to this tool, which has paved the way for their success,” Owusu-Ansah stated. “They use lies to catch the attention of the populace and ultimately further their political agendas.”


The media consultant went on to explain that there are certain instances where political figures have no choice but to resort to lies, either to conceal unfavorable information or to distort the truth in a way that serves their interests. “This falls under the category of ‘political lies,’ a tool that every government has had to employ at some point, whether it’s nation versus nation or continent versus continent,” Owusu-Ansah elaborated.


According to the Owusu-Ansah, these political lies can be categorized into various forms, including “Interstate Lies,” “Fear Mongering,” “Strategic Cover-ups,” “Nationalistic Myths,” and “Liberal Lies.” Each of these tactics is designed to manipulate public perception and sway the electorate in the politician’s favor.


“These tactics are not only being used to win votes but also to achieve broader political success,” Owusu-Ansah explained. “By manipulating the truth and exploiting the fears and biases of the public, politicians can consolidate power and advance their agendas, often at the expense of honesty and transparency.”


Interstate Lies, for instance, involve the dissemination of false or misleading statements across state or national borders. “The goal is to influence public opinion in other regions and gain an advantage over political rivals,” Owusu-Ansah said.


Fear-mongering, on the other hand, revolves around deliberately creating or exaggerating threats and anxieties to rally public support. “Politicians may use the fear of outsiders, economic instability, or other perceived threats to bolster their positions, even if the actual risks are greatly overstated,” Owusu-Ansah explained.


Strategic cover-ups refer to the practice of hiding or obfuscating unfavorable information. “This can involve the suppression of facts, the distortion of evidence, or the provision of misleading explanations to avoid accountability and maintain political standing,” Owusu-Ansah noted.


Nationalistic myths involve the propagation of false or idealized narratives about a nation’s history, identity, or superiority. “The propagation of such myths can foster a sense of patriotism and loyalty that can be leveraged for political gain,” he said.


Lastly, liberal lies describe the dissemination of false or biased information by politicians and political groups from various ideological backgrounds. “This is often done with the intent of discrediting opposing factions and promoting their agendas,” Owusu-Ansah said.


As the 2024 election cycle approaches, Owusu-Ansah emphasized the importance of the public remaining vigilant and critically examining the claims and promises made by political actors


“Educating ourselves on these deceptive tactics and demanding transparency and accountability from our leaders is crucial for maintaining the integrity of our democratic processes,” Owusu-Ansah concluded

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