Ghanaian Meteorological Agency Warn of Severe Flooding & Thunder Storm

Sight of a flooded neighbourhood in Lagos after heavy downpour.
Sight of a flooded neighbourhood in Lagos after heavy downpour.

In anticipation of the seasonal rainy season, the Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMA), has predicted heavy downpours with lightning flashes as part of the upcoming long raining season across the African tropical hemispheres, including Nigeria.

The Ghanian agency is, therefore, advising the general public to avoid taking shelter under transformers or to hold metallic objects when it rains. According to the Director of Research at the Agency, Mr. Charles York, the rains started early this year from April and will last until July.

He further encouraged people in the West-African region to strengthen exchanges between their agencies for monitoring of flood and for the reduction of disaster risk by those responsible for humanitarian aid.

On the 6th of May, Aljazeera reported violent thunderstorms sweeping through Nigeria resulting to the falling of a telecommunications mast which resulted to the death of 7 people leaving more than 10 people injured, as major flooding also hit Makurdi, capital of Benue state.

Desmond Onyilo, a meteorologist at the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET), also reported that the downpours began in the early hours of Saturday in the northeast of the country, the rainstorm took around 20 hours to stagger across the country, reaching the southwest in the evening.

Edo and Ogun states were also badly affected. A number of trees were uprooted and there were also widespread power cuts, the next few days should see the seasonal showers confined to the southern portions of the country, however, the rains are likely to edge towards the country’s capital, Abuja, and other central areas by the end of the month. have put together some vital safety tips for this season.

1. Don’t use your mobile phones when it is raining.

2. Always unplug or switch off you TV set and all other electronic gadgets during heavy rains or thunderstorms.

3. Avoid holding metallic objects while it rains.

4. Stay away from electric transformers and electronic objects during this period.

5 Stay away from mirrors and glass objects during the rains.

6. Don’t try to bath outside during this period while it rains.

7. To reduce the risk of flooding, always maintain a clean environment while keeping your drainages free.

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