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How Many Times Must A Christian Give Offering In Church?

Today I was just thinking about how some pastors discriminate with prayers based on the amount of offering people give in church.

wpid-church-offering.jpgMany times l have witnessed how some pastors raised money in church and prayed for those who gave “big” amounts and said very discouraging words about those who gave “small” money.

Lets me tell you a true story.

A very well known pastor in Ghana raised money recently and he prayed for people who gave anything from ghc1,000 upwards. When he got to ghc500 downwards he said something like “those who want to give ghc500 or less should just drop their offering in the basket. I wont pray for them. Ghc500 is too small for my prayers.”

Meanwhile, Xexe this pastor pays his Music Director ghc500 a month. So if ghc500 is too small, why does he pay someone that amount for a month? And how much does he expect that Music Director to give during the fundraising?

Xexe, I believe in giving and giving to support God’s work, but this extreme focus on amount of money as against the real value of the money to the person giving it and its value to God, is becoming unbecoming.

The story of the widow’s mite has been shelved to the background and we now make it look like God is no more interested in whether we give our all, but He is now interested in the amount we give.

How can a pastor limit God’s blessings to his (the pastor’s) prayers and say he will not pray for people who gave less than ghc1,000, as if when someone gives all of his ghc10 and another person gives half of his ghc2000 God will be more pleased with the one who gave half of ghc2000. Since when Xexe?

The truth is God looks at the sacrifice behind the giving and not the amount. So it is totally unbiblical and ungodly for a pastor to say l will pray for those who give “big” amounts and then talk down on those who give “smaller” amounts.

Very often some pastors use the story of David when he said “l will not give to God anything that costs me nothing.” But they miss the lesson. It is about how much that amount (big or small) costs the giver. If the amount is big and it does not cost the giver anything God is not pleased. If small costs the give everything God is pleased. Simple lesson.

Some smaller amounts are way way way bigger in God’s sight than some of the so-called big amounts that make the materialistic pastors go gaga and start commanding God to bless people He might not even be interested in blessing.

Please if you are a pastor and you are reading this, please keep encouraging your congregation to give. But dont change the truth because you want big money. I know pastors who do not even ask for amounts. They just say what projects need to be done and people just give in private. And their churches have never been in debt on any projects.

This conning and materialistic talk from behind the pulpit must stop. It is a disgrace to the church and to the name of our God.

Xexe, the very people who give ALL of their little are the very ones who will give all of their big as God blesses them. But when, as a pastor, you play up those who give just a little of their plenty (usually just to win the pastor’s favor) and play down the faithful ones who give all of their little, you run a risk you are not ready for.

In my personal experience, a former pastor of mine consistently showed gross disrespect to us (the young energetic and committed people in the church) because we did not have “big money” to give then. He always warmed up to new people who showed signs of some small wealth. Today he has lost all those young people who are now adults and now have enough to have been supporting the church well now.

Pastors wise up and stop disgracing yourselves. Xexe, what do you think?

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  • Franklin Dowuona hmm nsem piii
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  • Samuel Akrasi On point boss
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  • Destined Forgreatness Trina well said sir
    to borrow KODS’s words
    ” Things are not the same anymore, kristo sum ay3 ns3m piii”
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  • Samuel Dowuona Yes, exactly what Koda sung about
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  • Ken Nortey No wonder people are engaging in all corrupt practices just to give to pastors
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  • Ken Nortey Robbing the state and the people to pay pastors. My thoughts
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  • Richard Bro Scripture say be wise as serpents. If you go to any church with such practices…be watchful and advice yourself…flee
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    Source-Samuel Duwuona
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