Ghanaian Universities must improve upon discipline

University of Ghana LegonFrom to and fro of our everyday schooling, university is one of the optimum tertiary that cannot be merely be looked down as superannuated irrespective of its edifice. Now our universities are dying due to its inimical practices and a whole lots and that the urgent imperative measures are found to these seemingly insurmountable, the better to exonerate from any disgrace.
It is a fact that discipline that has to be ameliorated in the Ghanaian universities has rather turned to indiscipline to rear its ugly head in Ghanaian universities once again.In these universities problems such as occult practices, drunkenness, contraband drug abuse, immoral association of male lecturer with female students, sex of awarding marks to be promoted in the educational lather and refusal by students to do their project work due to tricky assignment have become the order of the day. In view of these problems, i humbly suggest the following measures to be taking by the universities to help improve upon discipline in the various universities in Ghana since any delay in doing this may spell the doom of the Ghanaian university schools.
To begin with, there is the need for the universities in Ghana to strictly set up a fully-fledged counseling unit which should be vehemently headed by a professional to exercise circumspection to counsel most of the universities students on the devastating effects of indulging in evil practices such as occultism, drug abuse and drunkenness.
However, the university schools in Ghana should set up an impartial disciplinary committee to deal with issues of indiscipline which keep occurring on daily basis in universities in Ghana.It is my honest believe that if an effective disciplinary committee made up some dedicated members of staff and some SRC president and possibly chaired by the stringent lecturer are put in place to ruthlessly deal with recalcitrant students some of these evil practices would be reduced drastically to their barest minimum.
Currently, the university schools in Ghana need to deal with male lecturers who shamelessly associate themselves with female students for awarding them marks to promote them.How could some lecturers engage in amorous relationship and still expect them to be courteous to them.In fact, this disgraceful practices on the part of the university lecturers in Ghana is undermining efforts by the university authorities to instill discipline in the students.
Furthermore, there is the need for every university in Ghana to encourage the students to set up social clubs in the school to educate other students on the evil effects of drug abuse, occultism and drunkenness to be mention but a few.I vehemently believe that, doing this will go a long way to create awareness among the students and help check inimical practices. To finite my cagey observation from innumerable universities in Ghana, it is my humble view that if the authorities take the above named suggestion solemnly, universities in Ghana will be ameliorated significantly to surprise the good people of Ghana…
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