The Global Intercessory Prayer Organisation (GIPO), an NGO has organised a prayer session for peace to prevail in Nigeria as Boko Haram, an Islamic radical group seeks to impose Sharia law on the country.

Some of the topics on which the members prayed included “God’s wisdom for Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan to deal with the issues that had confronted the country; peace between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria and total peace for the embattled country.

Speaking at the prayer session in Accra on Wednesday, Mr Francis Quarm, Spokesman for GIPO noted with concern the fast rate at which Boko Haram was gaining grounds in Nigeria and expressed unhappiness about the serious repercussions their activities would have on Nigeria and the entire Sub-Region.

“If God could harden the heart of Pharaoh for his destruction, then He can also soften the hearts of Boko Haram members for peace to prevail in Nigeria,” he said.

Mr Quarm cited the establishment of the West African Gas Pipeline Project and the proliferation of Nigerian-owned banks in the country as some of the projects that had helped strengthen corporation between the two countries adding that “it is a well known fact that Nigerian investments have helped a lot in the socio-economic development of this country”.

He said any major disturbance in Nigeria could have a negative repercussion on Ghana as it could lead to the influx of refugees into the country.

Mr Quarm said GIPO would occasionally put its prayer topics on Nigeria online for members and Ghanaians to pray along with them.

He said GIPO would soon establish branches in schools so that the youth together with the elderly join hands towards praying for peace in the world.

Source: GNA



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