According to the Man of God , Ghanaians cannot afford to lose their highly won reputation in the world as a beacon of hope on the continent of Africa as far as the conduct of successful election is concerned.

Rev. Appaiagyei gave the advice when the church held a massive donation exercise at Dutch Komenda in the Komenda Edina Eguafo Abrem Municipality in the central region

“There is only one Ghana. We must understand that our destiny is in our own hands and rise above election violence”, he counselled.

He added that no matter the number of political parties that will contest in an election, only one party will win.

He therefore charged politicians to accept the outcome of the fourth coming elections in good faith and not do engage in acts that could easily destroy the country.

He also appealed to Ghanaians in general to ensure that the country remain a unified before, during and after the election through unity and high sense of political tolerance.
Come December 7, Ghanaians will go to the polls to elect their president and Members of Parliament.

This will be the 7th elections as Ghanaians would be electing their president through the use of the ballot paper since 1992 when the country returned to civilian rule.

This democratic means of electing leaders on the continent of Africa has devastated many African countries, forced thousands of people to seek asylum while several others have become refugees due to concomitant effects of post-election violence.

However, the outcomes of the previous six elections held in Ghana that had brought four different leaders from the two main political parties, namely, NDC and NPP, have been generally successful and peaceful.

The world will be looking up to Ghana this year as the country goes to the polls using democratic means to elect who should stir affairs of the country for the next four years.

In all, about two thousand five hundred individuals from around Dutch Komenda benefited from the donation and health screening exercise. The cost was estimated at about Eighteen Thousand Ghana Cedis.



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