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Ghanaians Commend ‘Let’s Eat’ Virtual Restaurant Platform

Let’s Eat Gh App

The wake of the novel coronavirus across the world was welcomed with a lot of fear, alertness and restrictions to ensure the spread of the deadly pandemic is contained.

Right from China, through to Europe, the Americas and even in Africa, curfews, lockdowns, social distance and a combination of many others restrictions had been employed by governments, states, organisations, churches, families and even individuals as a way of preventing infection and spread.

In a nutshell life as we know it has changed for many people all over the world, including Ghana whose infection rate is much constrained than many of its compatriots.

This change in lifestyle has also affected how services are rendered and accessed even in a developing country like Ghana where there is still more room for improvement.

Commercial buses have reduced their passengers by half, markets have been decongested all around the country and organisations are downsizing or running a shift system that allows partial work from home.

Hand washing stations are all over while wearing of masks have been made compulsory in a measure to find a way to live with the virus which according to the Health Minister Kweku Agyeman Manu “have come to stay and we have to learn to live with it.”

Nonetheless visiting and eating from restaurants and other eateries has reduced drastically as citizens are still not comfortable visiting such places, despite cravings of one’s favourite meal from his or her preferred restaurant.

Lets Eat Gh is a way to give Ghanaians an opportunity to enjoy food from their favourite restaurants through the Let’s Eat App. It is a virtual restaurant platform, thus a one stop shop for all restaurants you frequent.

Ghanaians no longer have to spend several minutes searching online for a restaurant from one website or social media platform to another to order food from their preferred restaurant.

All one has to do is to download the Let’s Eat Gh App and viola….. one can have access to several restaurants and food vendors including Papaye, Eddy’s Pizza, Wok Inn, Republic Bar and Grill, Bantama Avenue, KFC among others.

Students on University Campuses can all order food from eateries from the various Halls like Central Cuisine, Campus Hub, Birthday’s Bar and Grill, Helal Food among several others. These restaurants affords the user an overwhelming number of dishes from all the restaurant.

The App works like the car hailing app. User logs on and can make an order by location and see the number of restaurants within proximity and order from there. Payment can be made electronically or in cash either upfront or on delivery.

The App which is currently available in Legon and its surroundings and will soon cover the entire capital city of Accra.

From experience the average turnaround time from order to delivery is about 20 to 25 mins if the order is within the locality of the restaurant. However if it is across town it may take longer than that.

This COVID-19 era requires that one is alert and conscious of his or her movement. This app which became operation about seven months ago, even before COVID-19 was recorded in the county has become a timely intervention as it provides a safer way to enjoy your favourite meal from your favourite eatery at the comfort of your home or office.

One also have a tall list of menu to choose from and are able to even compare meal prices and choose which best suite one’s pocket and cravings.

To enjoy this great service just log onto www.letseatgh.com download the app and order from your favourite restaurant. Do well to also recommend to your loved ones and even haters and also feel free and give some reviews too.


  1. I used them when I was in Ghana, fast delivery service and also excellent customer service from the riders…


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