Internally displaced Persons (IDPs) from Partaker estate demonstrate at the entrance of the National Human Rights Commission in Abuja, capital of Nigeria, Sept. 3, 2015. The IDPs took part in a demonstration on Thursday protesting against poor living conditions and eviction from their camp. (Xinhua/Olatunji Obasa)
Standard Of Living

As the nation?s development heads for a downward trend, following poor administration by the man at the helm of affairs and his ministers thereby putting the nation?s economy in the state of coma and today Mother Ghana is suffering from developmental Kwashiorkor. Undoubtedly God has blessed Mother Ghana in terms of natural resources such as Gold, Cocoa, Diamond, Timber, Bauxite, Manganese, Shea butter, Oil and fertile land to help develop our nation without depending on other countries for assistance.

I have been itching to ask what is wrong with Mother Ghana blessed with the above mentioned natural resources and the nation is still crawling like a new born baby. The only thing Politicians who are steering the affairs of this country know best are adopting strategies that would strengthen their chances in 2016 general Elections to amass wealth for themselves and their families and not deploying strategies that would change the lives of the suffering masses who wasted their precious time and stood in the sun to vote for them to be where they are presently look indifferent about the welfare of people they promised to serve. Ghanaians are no more interested in promises but performance from government and its officials. After the Supreme Court verdict Ghanaians are no more interested in ear-marking but eye-marking .One would wonder we are not in election year but instead of them focusing on how best to eradicate poverty and making the living condition of the good people of Ghana better they are rather making unachievable promises which they themselves know it?s not possible. TO BE CONTINUED

Worst of it all is that instead of working towards their so called better Ghana Agenda which has fallen into a deep ditch they are trying to use the 2012 Election petition by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) as yardstick as if the whole economy was driven to the Supreme Court that is why nothing seem to be working and our economic hardships have rapidly grown from bad to worst.

It saddens my heart any time I try to think about how God has blessed Mother Ghana and our leaders have not in any way put in an effort to use our God-sent natural resources for the benefit of the average Ghanaian who can?t afford a square meal a day. They only think of making their lives better off at the expense of the electorates who voted for them that is why they would increase their salaries and will backdate payment on areas and the common worker whose monthly salary is only from hand to mouth would be denied his/her salary areas all in the name of there is no money in our coffers because the flesh of the meat has been chopped to the bone. The cedi depreciation was also attributed to the increase of story buildings in the country and Charms by fetish priest who uses dwarfs in their incantations. God save Mother Ghana, so the cedi can only appreciate when we stop building story buildings. It is rather unfortunate when people whom we voted for to fix the economy look indifferent about the welfare of the suffering masses. We are in the end time indeed, no wonder they feed fat while tax-payers grow lean. It is a pity! When it was captured on tape a whole deputy minister of communication as saying she wants to get only one million dollars before she quits Politics. What have Ghanaians done wrong to deserve this unfair treatment?

Even though government and his officials have not shown any clear-cut policy direction, with regards to a number of issues and it is about time Ghanaians make it a duty to demand explanations and accountability from those leading them. It is clear that the current administration lacks colour, style, ambience, aura, charm and charisma. They also lack the courage and experience to look for lasting solutions to problems confronting us as a nation. TO BE CONTINUED


From poor education and decrepit health facilities to decaying infrastructure and back-looking economy, the nation is being bogged down by burden of non- creative and phlegmatic leadership. Our schools are in total shambles, security situation is remorseful, and the rate of unemployment on the increase to the extent that we have Unemployed Graduates Association in recent past, while the Political space has been conscripted. Apart from the above mentioned challenges, the debt burden hanging on the neck of government has also assumed a debilitating proportion to the extent that we are heading towards HIPIC the fruits of playing propaganda with the state of the economy. Today majority of Ghanaians find it hard to believe what we are seeing, the serial killing of Civil Servants, Civilians, suicides, kidnapping and Car snatching on our highways and armed robbery had gain priority in the ?sector? of our economy. While computer theft is on the increase and today you will marvel to see young children between the ages of 11-14years are deceiving innocent people for survival. All the above mentioned economic disincentives and investment repellents have taken away the shine from government business and Mother Ghana is dripping away in the fullness of? time like an awkwardly over aged adult striving to walk straight.

While majority of Ghanaians believe that with the revenue being generated from the crude oil should impact on the lives of the citizens, government agents and agencies in the oil industry are only cornering the resources for the benefit of few. Ghana today does not look like an Oil producing country. Despite the enormous resources generated from the oil sector; Ghana had nothing significant to show for it making our Oil a CURSE from God rather than a blessing. If I may ask, will they sit down for people to mismanage their own business companies the way they are mismanaging our country?s natural resources?

If the revenues derived from the Oil proceed is insignificant to make the standard of Ghanaian citizens? better, then why are government officials building Filling Stations the most common thing the country can boast of nowadays.


In spite of the enormous resources generated from the oil sector, no availability of accurate data to present daily production of crude in the country.

This has led to corruption and the negative twist in the economic fortunes of the country as only a few who control the monopoly siphon our common wealth. The exact figures are known to only people who are involved as transparency is limited. Instead of the economic gain for the ordinary Ghanaian, crude oil discovery in Ghana appears to be more of a problem, as it has gradually killed Agric sector which was the mainstay of the country?s economy.

If I may ask, any Ghanaian the meaning of the green colour on our National flag he/she will say vegetation that alone means the survival of this nation depended on Agriculture which has made to die a natural death. Surprisingly our leaders have not taken it upon themselves to look out for means to salvage the Agric sector. It is worrisome to see Ghana blessed with a fertile land import tomatoes, vegetables, garden eggs and other food stuffs from neighboring countries.

If you go to developed country like America the rich people there are mainly farmers not professors or business tycoons and the nature of their land comes nowhere near our own where if you drop a seed on the street and no car step on it, it will grow. The rate at which farm lands are being destroyed through small scale mining and cattle rearing in this country is appalling. Cocoa mass spraying exercise brought up by the Former President J.A. Kuffour?s administration to help Cocoa farmers now belong to history.


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