Is Ghana a socialist or perhaps a capitalist nation? I need to know because at the moment, the happenings in this nation, has left me confused!

It is the ?Monkey dey work, Baboon dey chop? syndrome! It is the uneven distribution of national wealth and resources! It is the reign of unequal opportunities! From all indications, this country belongs to specific people, rather than all! The communal spirit has long been lost!

Ghanaian workers are generally dissatisfied! This is simply because workers, especially in the government institutions, have to fight daily for their entitlement! Several meetings have been held by stakeholders over the years in relation to the demands of workers in the sector, but till date, nothing conclusive has been done! It is the same palaver each year! One strike action after another! It has become a yearly affair particularly among teachers and health workers!

The strikes would persist because from all indications, some people are enjoying, whiles others suffer! The case of monkey dey work, baboon dey chop! Some people work for others to enjoy! Any different from slavery?

Quite recently, it was disappointing when we heard fifty thousand Ghana cedis was to be paid to our parliamentarians as rent allowances! The issue was debated but in the end, our honourables had their way, as usual! Unity in corruption! Only a few months afterwards, we have been told that millions of Ghana cedis are being handed over to our honourables again, as ex-gracia! One thing becomes clear, the national coffers is being spent on these particular group of people! Yes, Ghana seems only interested in squandering her scare resources on the honourables! Better still, our politicians only seem interested in squandering our money! What of the average Ghanaian? What of the ordinary tax-payer? Do we have a share? When will we also enjoy our fair share?

Rather interestingly, and quite unfortunately, the amounts usually owed our striking workers, are relatively negligible! Our honourables, on the other hand, receive their so-called entitlements in a timely fashion!

Is Ghana indeed for all Ghanaians? I am yet to realize the truth in this assertion! From my desk however, it is clear that not all are enjoying the same measure! Some are getting more, and others, none! Is that the fruit of democracy? Is that the fruit of independence? Is that the fruit of freedom and justice? Ghanaians deserve the same measure!

I always thought of Ghana as a socialist nation, one in which there was even allocation of resources, and opportunities! Rather sadly, it is a fallacy! This is a country where scholarships, meant for the brilliant but needy, are handed over to the rich, but dull! Accessibility to useful information is usually a hurdle for the masses but made readily available to the elite! This is a country where monies meant for the execution of contracts, are usually shared and squandered! This is a country where the leadership only seems interested in themselves, rather than meeting the needs of its citizenry! This is a country where the people who award contracts, are the very ones who execute them! The reign of monopoly! Are those the marks of a socialist nation?

Nations have failed and keep failing because their growth and development has always been virtual; unrealistic! Ghana keeps accessing the economy?s performance based on inflation! Well, for the ordinary man, inflation is meaningless! It must reflect in the pocket! People have to cater for themselves and their families! If an economy seems to favour the elite, how then does it attain sustainable growth when the vast majority is average or perhaps impoverished? This country keeps electing selfish leaders into power! Leaders, who are only interested in themselves, rather than their subordinates!

Local workers in this nation, and therefore Ghanaians, are generally dissatisfied! The dissatisfaction stems from the unsatisfactory conditions of work! Workers in Ghana are not asking for the impossible! The request is that they receive what is due them!

It is an undeniable fact that this nation spends huge sums of monies on leadership, rather than the ordinary citizen; the ones who actually contribute to the economy! Whiles the average man struggles each day to make a living, our governments only seem interested in fueling their lavished lifestyles! The masses are homeless, jobless, and hungry! How then must we sit down and watch as governments continually spend huge sums of the nation?s wealth on politicians?

Is that a fare measure of the national cup? Indeed, we all deserve the same measure! For now, it is only monkey dey work, Baboon, dey chop!

Anna Esi Hanson (nnhanson2@yahoo.com), Takoradi; esociocomm.blogspot.com

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