Ghanaians Doubting The Competence Of Their Women In Leadership

Beginning to Doubt the Integrity of Ghanaian Women in Leadership Positions Because of….

Charlotte Osei
Charlotte Osei

The unfolding, but doubtful behaviours of the Chair of the Electoral Commission, Mrs Charlotte Osei, and the Chief Justice, Mrs Theodora Georgina Wood. 

Charlotte Osei
Charlotte Osei

As Mrs Wood can well be my elder sister or possibly mother with Charlotte being my younger sister, according to their ages, I do not have any ill-intention to denigrate them just because they hold totally divergent views from mine.

However, I have the right to express my candid opinion about their attitudes that I find quite weird.

I would normally vote for, and prefer, a woman, to become the head of a department or a leader whenever there happens to be a competition between a male and female candidates for a vacant leadership position provided both have the same requisite qualifications and experience. Why do I say this, one may ask?

It is simply because women are noted to be more honest, dedicated, fair, firm and friendly. When a woman is a leader, they are most often of the no-nonsense attitude. They do the job without yielding in to situations where men are always found to be at their weakest. If a woman happens to be married or not, she will not yield in easily to the shenanigans of a man just for the fact that the man is handsome and that she wants to be in sexual relationship with him. Unlike a woman, men will easily yield in to the demands of a succulent damsel all with the motive of having access to her pants; seeking to invade her private part.

From what has just been stated above, some African men in Africa where the laws and ethics of some professions and institutions are not stringently enforced, men often make a mess of their positions more often than women do. They become law unto themselves. They make their wills their law hence the abundant acts of corruption that lead to the collapse of their country’s economy and institutions as it is current the prevailing situation in Ghana.

Going back to the two named ladies, I have doubt about the fairness of the Chief Justice in maintaining true justice that has the potential to eradicate corruption from Ghana to strengthen the State institutions. Without standing up to defend the laws of the land to guarantee the prevalence of justice, to prevent any one person from rising up to say they are larger than the laws of the land, Ghana will continue to nosedive socially, politically and economically to the disadvantage of the majority of the citizens.

Where the Chief Justice is required to act without fear or favour but according to the rigours of the law, she always bends over. Where then is the strict fairness that I saw in women that makes me decided to vote for them when the occasion arises?

I am not going to elaborate from the Atuguba’s Supreme Court where conflict of interest was allegedly genuinely cited by the Chief Justice to not chair the panel that adjudicated the Election 2012 petition filed by Nana Akufo Addo and Co. However, I am going to make mention of two instances where her actions, inactions, commissions or omissions have deliberately stalled, if not abrogated, the execution of true justice.

In the ongoing Kumawu chieftaincy dispute with the associated twisting of justice because some Asante Overlord who claims to be above the law is getting his way, the Chief Justice has appeared like a barking hungry dog sitting behind a bar of key soap. She has accepted or acknowledged the receipt of a rogue petition made to her by the registrar of the National House of Chiefs, Kumasi, in the registrar’s pursuit of refusing to release some public document on the gazetting of Dr Yaw Sarfo as the Omanhene of the Kumawu traditional area. This attitude of the Chief Justice has rendered it complete nonsense an issued writ of mandamus that intended to compel the registrar to appear in court to explain why he does not want to release true form copies of the said public document to some applicants.

The pursuit of justice by the applicants is forestalled, with the proceedings adjourned sine die.

Additionally, a party that has been ruled innocent by a court now finds himself in limbo all because of the actions by same Chief Justice. When the party applied to the court for an order to oblige the guilty party to return certain stool properties and regalia, the Chief Justice’s office have directed that the case must be heard by the Regional High Court, Kumasi but not the Regional High Court, Mampong.

Does the Chief Justice really understand the 1992 Ghana Constitution on High Court very well? To better understand me please refer to the following web link:

On Charlotte Osei, she thinks she had better keep her employer (President Mahama) happy than to consider the greater needs and concerns of the majority of Ghanaians. This woman is not fair at all. She has no respect for anyone apart from the President and some colluding NDC party and government members with whom she is inextricably consenting bedfellows.

She thinks she has the right to do what she likes as and when she likes, even though her actions are completely at variance with the wishes of majority of Ghanaians, if not with the law. Everything indicates that she is in bed with the President and NDC. She does not seek the collective interests of Ghanaians but herself, and that of President Mahama and NDC.

I have already in my previous publications expressed my opinions about this notorious woman who is determined to plunge Ghana into total darkness all for her hidden agenda.

I have lost trust and confidence in Ghanaian women holding higher positions all because of the actions of these two and other individuals who have been given the chance to make a positive difference in the socio-politico-economic prosperity of Ghana but have rather decided to plunge the nation further into an abyss.

The question now is, are Ghanaian women credible enough to hold leadership positions in Ghana?

Source; Rockson Adofo

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