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?A human being may get rich through bloodshed and betrayal but the control button for true joy and the consequences of man?s actions are completely outside his/her latitude of influence?.
It is nearly two years ago when our Former President, Professor John Atta Mills suddenly died. Prior to his death, Ghanaians had been made to believe that the late President was hale and hearty. We, the members of Ghanaians Earnestly Yearn for Akufo Addo?s? Presidency are therefore deeply alarmed and shocked at the ineptitude and seemingly lack of forthrightness being exhibited by the Security Agencies in conducting investigations into the sudden death of the former President. The general apathy exhibited by the Security Services has given room to speculations that they are in league with the Ruling Party who we suspect played leading roles in dispatching the former President into his untimely grave.
The restrained hand of justice in bringing to book acts of impunity, some of which bordered on treasonable felony has fuelled our speculation that the President and his political atavists are sacred cows and therefore untouchable. Any Ghanaian who does not subscribe to the Mephistophelean ideology of the NDC is treated with scum as a second rated citizen in the country of his birth. President John Mahama divisive policy has pitted Ghanaians against themselves.? This is a dangerous phenomenon.
We, the members of Ghanaians Earnestly Yearn for Akufo Addo?s Presidency are displeased with the way and manner the Security Services have handled the death of Former President, Professor John Evans Atta Mills. We cannot fathom the sudden inertia which has crept into the various branches of the security services, making it almost impossible to function at its optimum.


We recall with nostalgic feelings the exploits of past members of our security services which made them the cynosure of all eyes and envy of other countries. Where is the policeman whose nickname, ?Abban? became a household name in the country? He had the temerity to arrest the driver of late Prime Minister, Dr. K.A.Busia car for a traffic offence. The heavens did not fall! Sadly today, this pride has been eroded under the clueless and whimsical government of President John Mahama.
Today, we have a President who commented on the death of his predecessor with utter detachment.

?It is often said that in adversity, there are opportunities. God has been good to our party. The death of President Mills has opened a door of opportunity for me to become President? (President John Dramani Mahama). Juxtapose the President?s statements with that of Anita de Souza own that ?if former President Mills had not died at the time he did, it would have dimmed the chances of the NDC?, and you cannot but come to the conclusion that the former President did not die a natural death.
We, the members of Ghanaians Earnestly Yearn for Akufo Addo?s? Presidency???????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????are extremely shocked that the Police have not deemed it imperative to invite both the President and the NDC?s Women?s Organizer for questioning. We are more than convinced that President Mahama knows more than he has told the nation. We are equally more than convinced the President was deeply involved in the death of his Predecessor. We therefore call on the Security Agencies to perform their constitutional duty which they have sworn to do by inviting the President to shed more light on his statement.
Even though it is appointed unto man once to die, no one, not even a conscienceless person jubilates at the death of his or her enemy. Muslims do accept the passing away of a loved one as the will of Allah and do not spend longer period in mourning the dead as the Christians do. Nevertheless no Muslim will ever make any such reckless remarks as were made by President Mahama and the Women?s Organizer of the NDC, Anita de Souza. The statements could at best be described as callous devoid of feelings, most especially when viewed against the background that the late President did not attain the expected age of Seventy Years as stated in the Holy Bible. President Mahama?s reckless statement that God has been good to the NDC by taking the life of President Mills gives cause for concern.
Those statements by President Mahama and Anita de Souza reveal a grand conspiracy hatched by highly placed persons at the Presidency to do something sinister about the dwindling fortunes of the NDC. So, what did they do? They dispatched former President, Professor Mills to his early grave. You may choose to call it ?mercy killing? if you like.
We are asking the Security Agencies what they are doing the death with all these evidence starring them at their faces.
We of the Ghanaians Earnestly Yearn For Akufo Addo President are convinced beyond all reasonable doubts that the unfortunate and foolish act of making the former President go through vigorous exercises at the KIA prior to his departure to the US for medical treatment and after his arrival were all geared towards exacerbating his illness to make him succumb to his untimely demise. Could any top member of the Party including current President John Mahama give Ghanaians one tangible reason why they did what they did?
We are therefore calling for the arrest of all protocol officers and top members of the NDC on the day the President departed from the country and when he arrived from his medical trip abroad.
We are at a loss as to why the Security Agencies have deliberately turned a deaf ear and blind eye to the inconsistencies in two statements made by President Mahama in connection with the death of his predecessor, John Evans Atta Mills. The first one was made on the day he was sworn in as President. And what did he say? He said he had met the former President on the morning of the day he was officially pronounced dead in company of the then Chief of Staff, Henry Martey Newman in the late President?s office. There and then, his former boss had asked both of them to represent him at a public function holding at the International Conference Centre. Having successfully completed the assignment they returned to give feed back to the late President in the latter?s office.
Then came the mother of all blunders. In an interview with Shaka Ssali of VOA Straight Talk Africa fame at a latter date, President Mahama, who perhaps was suffering from selective amnesia perjured himself by stating that he observed that the late President did not come to his office on Monday, 23rd July, 2012. He, then Vice President Mahama went to his office and found a memo from the late President asking him and the Chief of Staff to represent him (the late President) at a public function holding at the ICC. During that interview, President Mahama never made mention of having met the late President before and after the assignment. Why? A credibility doubt is created here and it is something the security agencies should focus their investigations on.
Why did he omit the fact that he and the Chief of Staff had met the former President on the day he (former President Mills) died? The answer is simple. It was because no such meeting took place .
It is pertinent at this stage to introduce another aspect of deception and cover up by top members of the NDC. Haruna Iddrissu, the youthful Communications Minister, who we learn is nursing presidential ambition would not be left out of that political quagmire. He said he was part of the delegation that represented the President on the day he, Former President Mills died. But he gave the venue of the function as the Arts Centre, Accra.
Again we ask: Why are there many discrepancies in the various accounts? Why do we have different venues for a single function? Those omissions, falsifications, misrepresentations, distortions and blatant lies speak volumes of mischief and conspiracies that went on behind the scenes for which the security agencies must do well to unmask so as to bring perpetrators of such a heinous crime to justice.
We are not the least bemused at the treasonable felony committed by the security capos on the day before the former President ?officially? died. Ordinary Ghanaians know that armored vehicles are used to guide the residence of an incumbent President. There cannot be two people holding the same office.
We therefore cannot fathom the reason that went into dispatching those armored vehicles to guide the residence of the then Vice President John Dramani Mahama at Cantonments at a time when the former President was supposedly alive. Such infractions portend grave danger for the country.
Daniel Danquah Damptey(Self appointed Special Aide to Nana Akufo Addo)

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