Ghanaians in a state of great expectations


Ghanaians are expecting normal times without the threat of covid-19 and all hands must be on board to steer the ship out of the hurricane, Mr Prince Bagnaba Mba, President of Forum for Equity has stated.

“Parliament should be the heart of the nation, where patriotism is measured by the strength of your party, but by the total commitment to the general welfare of the citizenry.””
Mr Mba, who was speaking to the Ghana News Agency on the current happenings of the country said the old school political oratory must give way to scientific evidence based approaches.

He said the quotation of figures as the growth of the economy must reflect on the smiles and healthy looks of Ghanaians.

“We are too comfortable with poverty and arm chair criticism. How long can we pretend to be in love with the past, which has not made our lives better?

He called for the mobilization of the teeming unemployed youth to be engaged in massive production of food for domestic consumption and export as it would not take a longtime to get the priorities right and stamp a mark on the inedible footprints of time that would indeed place Ghana beyond aid.

“We need a budget of reconstruction and revitalization of the youthful energy to sail through the stormy weather.

“When our children are gainfully engaged, we will collectively look forward to an assured and secured future.”

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