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Ghanaians Must Despise the Free ‘Lunch’ (Education) Mentality

wpid-ghanaflagnew46.jpgI will start by saying that, what is offered for free is dangerous.?It usually involves either a trick or hidden?obligation.What has worth is worth paying for.?It is high time Ghanaians? face the fact, work hard and pay for whatever they need in?their own way?and by so doing? you stay clear of gratitude, guilt and deceit. Some people?have sold common ice water?and paid?for their wards fees till the university levels, why not encouraging that idea which help to move the country forward instead of the so called free lunch which will eventually lead to so many Ghanaians slowing down (relax). It is even wise to pay the full price because there is no cutting corners for excellence.There is this saying in the local language that states,’if you eat your eggs, know that, you are rather eating your chickens’. One has to sacrifice eating eggs to have chicken in future.
Africans in general always want? to sit back waiting for the so called?the ?kind white man to come and help, but a careful observation in human nature has it that, those that are on top, always want to remain at the helm of affairs.They have to see to it that, the weak and poor remain where they are , so that ?no one can give them a tough time or even think of revenge. They go by this idea of ” do not teach them how to fish, if not they will not depend on you for fish.The so called kind white man or the western as some will prefer to call it,give what they termed” help” and will never have your youth trained in what has brought them where they are now, they give the help and? put you under obligation,you simply ?remain their loyal pawn. Just recently, we all saw what Israel were telling ghanaians amid their relationship with the Iran.
The West have always known that, every one has a weakness, a gap in the castle wall, this weakness? is usually an insecurity, an uncontrollable emotions or need?;it can also be a small secrete treasure. Either way, once it is found, it is a thumbscrew they can turn to their advantage. they have known our weakness for long and we are refusing to to wake up from our slumber, we therefore continue to be their royal pawn and depend on them for our development.
Ghana is a country blessed with not only natural resources but with the people who have got the brain to help move the country foward but what we see is ” me me me” if it is not me, it should not be anyone.?United States is a country with a strong political parties with different ideologies but once the election is over and the winner takes over the mantle, they all work towards the development of the country. Criticisms come where necessary unlike what we see in our dear country today.
We first of all can address these problems by changing our way of thinking,be more patriotic by actions and not by words as we have been seeing off late,every other Ghanaian perform his duties, pay their taxes,do the right thing for that matter.?Government has to strenghten the institutions as many have been suggesting,it will help check the foreigners like Indians and Chinese, some of which are known even in?Europe for their reluctant to pay taxes.
Finally, corruption has been the common word in the Ghana media today, the little i have to say is, all working situations require a kind of distance between people. You are trying to work and not to make friends.friendliness(real or false) only obscures that fact,the key to power, then is the ability to judge who is the best able to further your interestin all situations. keep friends for friendship?but work with?skilled and competent.
When a friend engages himself in corruptive actions, you have no options but to favour him but work with the competent and let any one found guilty of corruption face wrath of the law.
Source: Iklleel? Yussif
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