Ghanaians Must Never Forget They Are One People

One Ghana; One People.


These data of distasteful and unpopular commentary normally germinate from the buccal orifice of politicians.

Ghana flagThey beat war drums to ressurect the ghost of dead but gruesome African history. They remind us that the Rwandan , Sudanese and Liberian horror is not completely demise but mummified in hibernation all in their malevolent quest to win power.

We hear them on the airwaves chanting violence through heated arguments :on their political platforms they preach tribal and religious extremism.

Even at the polling stations ,these desperate and obsessive entities of power translate their nationalistic identities into indecent mercenaries destroying the inanimate ballot boxes and breathe injuries to electoral officers.

Alas! Fellow Ghanaians, let’s us never forget that we are a people with a common ancestry and future.

Let’s not lose memory again that our grand parents fought a mutual war to overthrow imperialism, racial abuse and slavery just to will us our present freedom and overall sovereignty.

The Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana ‘s first leader and an astute pan -Africanist once opined , “The forces that unite us are intrinsic and greater than the superimposed influences that keep us apart .”

The superimposed influences that are keeping us apart as Ghanaians are our political affinities, our tribal senses ,our religious faiths and our untamed ego of individualism but the intrinsic and greater forces that unite us as a people is the bright future we hope to establish, our shared struggles in the past, our coveted peace and democratic stability and our special Ghanaian values .

We must remember at all times that the country Ghana belong to Ghanaians and Ghanaians live in Ghana their motherland.

Ghanaians are Ghanaians regardless of tribe and creed,linguistic feature or geographical location, small or great, weak or strong, educated or uneducated ; there is only ONE GHANA on the Globe and only ONE PEOPLE IN GHANA.

And at all times, there is still ONE GHANA, ONE PEOPLE on the planet earth.

Thomas Akanyibah

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