Ghanaians Our Own Worst Enemies

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Undoubtedly God has a special plan and love for Mother Ghana and it citizens that was why he has given us a lot of natural resources such as Gold, Bauxite, Diamond, Manganese, Timber, Cocoa, Shea butter , Prekese,? Rich Oil and fertile land to the extent that even on our tarred road if you drop a seed on it and no vehicle steps on it will grow and yet we have continued to live in poverty from the days of Adam till now all because of our own bad mentality and attitude towards the nation is far below expectation.


God in his own wisdom knew we will need the above mentioned natural resources to be able to grow as a nation that would depend on his own apron without depending on other countries for survival that was the reason why he gave us these natural resources. If our beloved country Ghana is not developed to the level that we all expected it to be then it is not the fault of a single individual but all of us have ourselves to be blamed for the mess we have done to ourselves and Mother Ghana our beloved and only country. God has never descended from heaven to develop any nation but developed nations are where they are now because those countries citizens believe in themselves that it will take all hands on deck before their country will developed and be a better place to live.

We have been singing a sweet and lovely song that is ?God bless our homeland Ghana and I don?t think we have taken our precious time to take a critical look at the meaning of the words in the song. Forward ever and backwards, united we stand and divided we fall? is a common statement by Ghanaians and yet we are not united as one nation, one people with a common destiny. We have all it takes to develop as a nation but we are still in the state of crawbology all because of black mentality which bores pull Him down, jealousy, greediness, wickedness, egoism, hatred and unkindness.

It?s rather unfortunate, we don?t want to develop our true value as Ghanaians to whom God has given us the power, wisdom and knowledge to do everything by ourselves without seeking help from other people or countries for survival. Ghana our beloved and only country can develop and be a better place if we all accept the fact that we all have a role to play towards the growth and development of our nation. For Christ sake let?s be confident in ourselves that we can do all things that will make Ghana being where it supposed to be. We can boast of numerous natural resources but the can do spirit is what we are lacking as a country. Nobody gave us a dog chance to win the U-21 World Cup but we depended on the can do spirit and we succeeded.

The white people were not created by a different God from the one who created us. We have Apostle Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka who has been inventing a lot of things in Ghana here and Dr Frimpong Boating the first Ghanaian and African to do heart transplant and yet we don?t believe in ourselves that we are blessed with lots of knowledgeable Ghanaians whom when they are given the maximum support can help in building our beloved country Ghana. I strongly believe it is about time we patronize cars and other goods produced locally and make use of people who have the technical know-how in other professions and stop importing technocrats from other countries. Land cruisers were bought for chief not from Apostle Kwadwo Sarfo?s company. Ghana by now should have been African London where others hope and survival will dwell on .The issue of self ?esteem which has eaten deep into the fabrics of our society like a cankerworm has gone a long way to affect the growth and development of our country to the extent that we don?t appreciate the capabilities of other people. We waste much of our precious time insulting and fighting each other all in the name of Politics and Mother Ghana look like an over-grown adult struggling to walk upright.



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