$1M or One Million Dollars is not small money, it?s even more money when you melt it into cedis. When melted it?s roughly around GHC2,832,491.12 (GHC 2.8Billion) and in the old currency, will be GHC 28,324,911,204.24. I know the numbers seem so much but yeah it?s a lot of money and could take a life time or 2 to make that amount of money.

Besides the footballers and politicians who are worth more than a million dollars, it?s hard to know who?s making what in Ghana but the truth is, to some people this amount of money is chicken change (maybe not). Here are some Ghanaian celebrities who based on their performance and accomplishments WE BELIEVE that they are worth a million dollars.

Remember there are not facts here, we are only basing it on their work, deals and accomplishments. Of course you don?t expect your favorite celebrity to show their paychecks.

Sarkodie is a living legend in the making. He has won awards and performed all over. Besides his long stay in the industry, he has inked several deals with Samsung which we heard was around $300,000, he also has a deal with Fan Milk which was rumored around $200,000. He has deals with Tigo and has played shows all over the country.
He?s also hosted his own successful sold-out concerts around the country and abroad. Let?s just say if Sarkodie didn?t buy a home nor a car (even though he?s still using his first car), he might be worth or closer to the million dollar mark. More vim Obidi, slowly but surely.


Obour, the president of MUSIGA got his first big money from Dr. Kofi Amoah p.k.a Citizen Kofi which was a $100,000 gift after he won the the title of the MUSIGA president. But that is not all, Obour was recently given $2Million dollars by the government to enhance Ghana music but according to Obour, he splashed the whole $2Million on the recently held Ghana Music Week which was headlined by Popcaan and Jah Vinci. The show also featured several Ghanaian musicians like Stonebwoy, Sarkodie, Shatta Wale, Joey and more. Let?s just say Obour lied and used $500,000 to organize and put up the show. That means Obour is probably worth $1,500,000 ($1.5Million) because that programme didn?t cost even $100,000.


According to rumors, R2Bees were way richer even before their music career soared and musically they are making a killing. They play shows everywhere, from Ghana to London to New York, you can count R2Bees in. Their career has surged and can be counted among the top 3 Ghanaian musicians in Ghana. R2Bees has inked deals with rLG which was rumored to be around $300,000, they also inked another deal with Star Beer and it was rumored to be around $200,000. If all these numbers are true, then R2Bees has about $500,000 saved, maybe the remaining $500,000 will come out of the numerous shows they played these past few years they?ve been active.


She is very reserved but she?s making a killing. Jackie Appiah is arguably the highest paid movie star in Ghana. She drives a $100,000 car and that is not her only car, she has a couple of fast cars. Jackie Appiah, besides her movies which we hear she won?t settle for anything less than $20,000, she has inked bigger deals with This Way Chocolate Drink, IPMC, Glo and more. All these deals won?t cost anything less than $200,000, do the math. Jackie Appiah is refusing to be broke.


Nadia Buari prefers to live her life private but she?s sitting on a land of gold. She has acquired enough and she?s not even about the show-off life. From what we know Nadia Buari is way richer than she makes it seem. She has really worked to make her own. According to our research, it will cost a producer $30,000+ to book her services. She has featured in over a 100 movies. Nadia Buari was also one of the highest paid among the Glo Ambsassadors. We heard, she got something closer to $500,000.


He?s one of the powerful men in the media, he?s famous and very rich. Bola Ray?s source of riches is not very known but he?s highly connected. He organizes the biggest show in Ghana, Ghana Meets Naija which is always packed with several artistes from Ghana and Nigeria. He also has his own radio station and media company called ?Empire?.


Ever since his Azonto song became a worldwide hit, Fuse ODG has gained worldwide fame. He has played shows in all over the world, from Ghana, Nigeria, UAE, Brazil and more countries. What brings Fuse ODG money the most is royalties, as his songs are played on UK?s top radio stations. He also make at least $10,000 from his massive YouTube video views.

Of course nothing shows how much these guys make but with all they are doing $1Million dollars shouldn?t be much of a problem for them, if not now, sooner. More grease to your elbows guys.




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