Affordable Housing Project


Affordable Housing Project
Affordable Housing Project

African Call Institute (ACI) has targeted a strategy whereby this new intervention is placed into the standard consideration of social needs or basic requirements. In order to live we must find a way to eat sufficiently on a daily basis. We must have certain basic needs met in order for us to live and have a basic life. In our efforts we have determined that the space required for anyone to live in as a manner of dignity and relative comfort should not be less than 200 square feet and more ideally 250 square feet. Within this relatively small area a kitchenette and bathroom will serve the basic needs of man.

With a few additional modern twists on space utilization we can make this one room feel much larger with a variety of features often found or placed in a much larger home. This space when done efficiently using some of our optimization concepts could house a small family of two adults and two children with comfort and dignity.
COST: CH2.00 to CH3.00 cedis per day.

The most significant factor for most people and housing is simply money. ACI program set out to find a way to make the word and concept ?affordable? become a reality for millions who feel that it is not even possible. We decided to explain our concept and demonstrate our clout like this. Affordable to those who are financially challenged in Ghana and much of Africa would mean we would have to provide the home at a rate equal to CH2.00 or CH3.00 cedis a day; in USD it would be about a dollar a day.

By linking the need to have a descent home to the basic requirement of eating at a similar rate or cost, we are illustrating the fact that it is possible for everyone to have a home with ample space and genuine quality standards. That is what we have worked inside of our program Humanity as our extended family and special market. The period required to pay for this type of home will range from a low of three years to a high of five years. This range or time frame ensures that we keep the payment requirements around the target we have cited. By joining this program with assistance from government and non-profit organizations, we can start the task of change supported by the United Nations, the World Bank and other Social concepts who talk about this daunting need and task.
Getting started.

It is a matter of fact and record that many developing countries are now taking real steps to service the impoverished with affordable housing. In most cases the homes are done with a cookie cutter plan and system that make the effort appear to be a colony designed for shelter in the form of little boxes. Our system and approach is different, as dignity can also be linked to options and choices. Unlike many countries, Africa has a different condition to contend with and as a result the approach to affordable housing must be unique and applied in a practical manner.

To get started is based on several factors all of which can be addressed with external support and funding or without it. Land is the first thing needed to start the project and for those who are looking for viable development options this is a unique consideration. We can work with land owners who are willing to support our program and create a long term future and income opportunity for people who wish to develop their land for a useful situation in leasable tenant type real-estate.

Our requirements however demands that leasing be done on a month to month plan contrary to the standard two or more years paid in advance. We also can build in options to subsidize the program under a joint venture relationship. Let us first recognize and underscore the fact that the greatest part of the problem for housing in general is affordability.

Our program which is unlike any other has some financial features that allow us to work with our clients in a way that keeps the dignity in our relationship as well as assist the occupant or buyer in having a new home. Government workers and other qualified buyers along with other conditions are easy for us to service. However we are also able to support and service the person who runs their own shop or small business or even sells pure water on the streets of Ghana. Getting started must be more than a commitment by the future home owner or renter. A small amount of commitment money will be required as worked out with our project manager for an affordable home on a case by case basis. ACI have purposed to make the process easy and affective. Should you have land it must be registered and legally held. We must have certification of the title or indenture to start the program and the assignment of the land will be for the period contracted on the purchase of the home.

Our quest for partnership
The long and the short of the program is that Affordable Housing has come to Ghana and Africa with a genuine interest in the standards of living for all people. If you are willing to take the steps required to improve your life and your future we are here to assist you. Possibility and Hope are now in the reach of those who know that life and living conditions can be better significantly. Change requires that you take the steps required to add value and pride to your life. Change is an action supported by an objective or desired outcome. Call our office as we are truly a partner for growth and progress. Find out what it takes to make the first step a reality.

Nana Bafour Nsenkyire Akosa II,
The President,
African Call Institute (ACI),

Edited and published,
By Abubakari Seidu Ajarfor,
[email protected]

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