Ghana?s Ambassador to Japan aiding illegal gambling

Ghana?s Ambassador to Japan, HE Edmound Kofi Agbenutse
Ghana?s Ambassador to Japan, HE Edmound Kofi Agbenutse

Dr Charles Dwamena New Patriotic Party (NPP)?Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Caucus?NPP China, Japan and Korea alling for the recall of Ghana?s Ambassador to Japan, HE Edmound Kofi Agbenutse.

According to him, the Ambassador’s conducts are public humiliation to Ghana.

“According to the Tokyo Police and media reports, Ambassador Agbenutse who?s lavish livelihood is?catered for by Ghanaian tax payers, has been using his position as the president?s representative to?Japan to support illegal Baccarat gambling by making available his residence located at Tokyo?s?Shibuya Ward to illegal Japanese Baccarat gamblers whiles providing these gamblers with diplomatic?immunity.”

Instead of promoting the interest of mother Ghana, Ambassador Agbenutse is alleged to be?promoting his personal interests with illegal gamblers.

“As concerned Ghanaians in the Asia-Pacific region, we wish to condemn, in no uncertain terms, Ambassador Agbenutse? behaviour and call on President Mahama to exhibit leadership in recalling this ambassador back to Ghana to save us from further public humiliation. ?We believe, such an action by HE President Mahama will go a long way in sending a clear message to
all government appointees serving in our missions abroad to sit up and engage in ventures that will promote the interest of the state rather than promoting their individual interests. God Bless our homeland Ghana.”

God Bless our homeland Ghana.

Dr Charles Dwamena
Chairman, NPP Asia-Pacific Caucus
(NPP China, NPP Japan, NPP Korea)
00233 24 808 26 35
0086 130 886 75401

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