Ghana’s Cycling Team Celebrated for Triumph at Tour du Togo 2024

Ghana’s Cycling Team
Ghana’s Cycling Team

The President of the Ghana Cycling Federation, Mohammed Sahnoon, has praised the national cycling team, the Golden Pedals, for their outstanding performance at the 29th Tour du Togo.

The team’s achievements in the international competition, which drew participants from numerous countries, have brought significant honor to Ghana.

In a formal reception held at his office, Sahnoon commended the cyclists for their dedication and success. “You have shown remarkable determination and have made both yourselves and the nation proud,” he said. “Your exceptional performance has elevated the status of cycling in Ghana and on the global stage.”

Sahnoon emphasized his unwavering commitment to supporting Ghanaian cyclists and ensuring they have the necessary opportunities and resources to thrive. He encouraged the athletes to communicate any challenges they encounter, promising that these would be addressed promptly. “I am devoted to the well-being and success of our cyclists and will always strive to see you bring pride to the nation,” he assured.

Looking forward, Sahnoon revealed that additional competitions are planned, urging the cyclists to continue their rigorous training. He highlighted the collective support from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the National Sports Authority, the Ghana Olympic Committee, and the Ghana Cycling Federation in promoting the sport and supporting its athletes.

The Golden Pedals and their officials expressed gratitude to the government, the Federation, and the people of Ghana for their unwavering support, both physical and spiritual, throughout the competition.

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