Ghana’s election petition; the negatives outweighing…


It is obvious that the election petition is having grave repercussions on the economy of ghana…. As a person working within the construction industry, i can feel the impact. Most contracts and projects are all pending! Most construction companies in Ghana are all suffering! Workers within the industry are underemployed; we sit idle at work each day, because there is nothing to be done! All the jobs are on hold because of the fear of the consequence of the election petition.

No one wants to fall victim to a judgement debt scandal! This issue pertains in all sectors of the economy, and so, all Ghanaians are complaining. Business is slow! There are no jobs! There is no money!

Now the question becomes; How long until the judgement? How long must we wait until the judgement is declared? How long must we sit idle, unemployed, underemployed, until things are put back in order?

This is a question from all Ghanaians to our leaders?

Anna Esi Hanson…..;

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