Rebecca Akufo-Addo
Rebecca Akufo-Addo

Ghanaian First Lady Rebecca Akufo-Addo has urged male champions to join in efforts to empower women globally.

She made this call in her keynote speech late Tuesday; during the launching of the International Finance Corporation (IFC)’s landmark publication, ‘Trailblazers.’

The publication focused on 20 female business leaders from emerging markets, whose achievements in business had inspired other women across the globe.

“These women are relatable role models who, by their example, will motivate other professional women to push for more, and encourage male colleagues to champion greater diversity,” the first lady said.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Intrasoft International East Africa Wambui Mbesa, one of the female business leaders, also stressed the need to bring men on board the fight for gender parity.

She told Xinhua, “it is time to do away with the cultural and traditional practices that reserved sectors exclusively for men, and others exclusively for women.”

This time, she said, “the market place is looking for innovation, creativity, and strategic management, rather than not muscular ability anymore.”

For this reason, she urged men to get on board the campaign to create opportunities for females to rise to leadership in all aspects of human endeavor.

Ronke-Amoni Ogunsulire Country Manager for IFC said in an interview that the corporation’s women empowerment efforts in the sub-region had seen great success.

“At IFC, we insist that any of the companies we invest in should have a women’s representation on the board. When we started, the average was 11 percent, but this has improved to 30 percent, and we are working towards achieving 50 percent,” the IFC official said. Enditem



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