The once bright and ever glowing star in Africa has become nothing but a fog emanating body, which is impeding visibility on our beloved continent. Current events reveal nothing but a nation sinking with all her heavy and dreadful weight. In times like this where the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and its cabal of blood thirsty and money making brigands want to stampede indecisive and feeble countries like Ghana to doing their bidding, voices of reason must rise to the defense of the state.

Foremost, if Ghana were a person, deciding to host the AFCON qualifies her to be sent to a psychiatrist for attention. I?m of the strong opinion that we have come to a point where the stance of our political opponents is seen as anti developmental and hence given little interrogation. If the opposition has been wrong for God knows how long there isn?t any doubt they are right today.

In as much as football is the passion of many, it isn?t worth the risk and indignity the upcoming AFCON 2015 poses to Africans. Indeed the heart of Issa Hayatou who can understand; it is only filled with nothing but making money even if it results in unleashing untold hardship and misery to Africans. Fresh is still his left-handed gesture on our minds when rebels opened fire on the Togolese contingent in 2010 at Cabinda, Angola. The heartless football administrator went ahead to suspend the team for pulling out of the tournament. Today, he is at his vice and devilry again trying to help Ebola gain grounds.

That said, Africa is hit by a disease disaster which could be likened to the Bubonic plague if precaution isn?t taken. Yet those who believe the world must worship the great deity of football and its priests (Sepp Blatter, Hayatou ET all) and their assigns in various countries. For me our leaders are myopic to say the least who can?t make decisions her people can laud. No other nationals should be prouder than Moroccans since their leaders believe in the supremacy of national interest. One thing everyone should know is that we live to have fun and recreation but not die to have it. If CAF so much believes its timetable isn?t subject to changes it should metamorphose into a country and host it on its land.

Conversely, a country like Ghana which goes to bed with wants and wakes up with mounting needs believes it should assist in further terrorizing her people. I bow down my head not in prayer but pain and shame. If my country can?t tackle a mere cholera outbreak which has reached epidemic levels the most feared Ebola disease would have our president take another leave to Dubai to cogitate on the way forward. I would be derelict to be mute on how football has invited personal embarrassment to our president and professional ridicule to our institutions. The flying of over three million dollars to Brazil still appears like the morning star. Yet this isn?t enough lessons to our leaders.

Worrying, most is that we are yet to conclude investigations into the Brazil 2014 shambolic showing at the world?s largest football activity. This doesn?t give any confidence in leadership?s decision to constituting the commission. To be this move by his Excellency leaves nothing but my doubts in his willingness and ability for seeing us through in the messy situation in Ghanaian football.
For all Ghanaians care, government could give a dozen plausible reasons why this tournament should be hosted. What we know is that people are riding on high horses and eating and clothing our sweat so they?ve been eclipsed from the realities we face.

I wouldn?t like to predict, but the government can relegate the stiff opposition by Ghanaians to the back burner and see the outcome. This is one of the decisions most people within government and party members as well are not enthused about. The president can do us much good if he eats humble pie. We wish to see our country stand to the voice of the people; the voice of the people may not always be the voice of God but a signal for revolt.
Together let us build a better nation; Ghana must think progress.

Joseph Oswald Ali

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