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Ghana’s Human Development Insights Score Ranks 133 Out of 191 Countries

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Some countries are more lucky and advanced than others to have amenities such as quality education, good working conditions at their job, and plentiful access to food and shelter. Unfortunately, some countries are not as fortunate to have what others do and Ghana is one of them.


Back in 2020, Ghana fell second to last in the global ranking for education quality. According to Human Development Reports for 2021 to 2022, Ghana ranked 133rd out of 191 countries for human development insights with a score of 0.632.


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What Does the Human Development Insight Report Study?

The Human Development Insight Report study is conducted in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme. It occurs every year, evaluating 191 countries and how they fare in various indexes that make up how they each fare in positive human development.


The following indexes are evaluated for each country:

  • Inequality-Adjusted Human Development Index (IHDI)
  • Human Development Index (PHDI)
  • Human Development Index (HDI)
  • Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI)
  • Gender Inequality Index (GII)

Explanation of Ghana’s Human Development Insights Score

Since Ghana is on the lower end of the human development insights scores, this means that human development is suffering with gender inequality and poverty being on the higher end. Unfortunately, women continue to face gender inequality with only 6% of all the women in the country being the richest females. There is only a 50% chance that a woman owns land in Ghana because they are more impoverished and do not have as many assets as their male counterparts.


Fewer than 2% of the impoverished population receive health insurance. The children in Ghana’s richest families are more likely to live after their fifth birthday than children who are born to those in poverty.


As of 2018, 78 of every 1,000 teenage girls aged 15 to 19 in Ghana are giving birth to children. Compounding that with the lack of education access and quality and impoverished living, this is why children in Ghanaian poverty do not thrive as well as the richest youth.


Young ladies aged 10 and up spend about 14.4% of their waking hours completing domestic work that is not paid. Their male counterparts only spend 3.5% of their time on this domestic work without pay.


About 70% of jobs have poor working conditions and very small payouts. About 20% of them provide a better working environment with improved working conditions compared to the lower-earning positions.

The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, the country is dedicating more to the richest in the country rather than focusing on developing a sound human economy that works for men and women in poverty. It takes women in the lowest-earning positions in Ghana 1,000 years to make what the richest person in Ghana would in just a month. That is the unfortunate snapshot of how impoverished individuals in Ghana are suffering just to get by daily.


As time goes on, the Ghanaian government should work to enhance women’s rights to reduce gender inequalities so they have a chance to work better jobs to support their household and own land for higher status.

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