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Ghana’s ‘injured’ Economy


Ghana’s economy is currently in a state of decline and the mismanagement of the government has become very obvious that one cannot repulse.

It is an undeniably fact and would be obvious folly if we say Covid-19 did not have a great toll on the global economy putting severe constraints on countries all over the world. Ghana, is not exempted. However, the ongoing Ukraine -Russia war and a moves to reduce Europe’s dependence on Russian Oil amongst others could also be a contributing factor to the global crisis. But in our world, Ghana to be precise, corruption, mismanagement, failed policies and interventions are all blamed on these global crises which we say are unsuitable.

The people of Ghana are asking the Nana Addo- Bawumia led government to focus on economic recovery programs to stabilize the ‘wounded ’market economy and desist from funny  rhetoric’s like ‘ Ghana Card is valuable than 1 million road interchanges’ , the government have received unlimited support from the international community and some non-governmental organizations to revamp the ailing economy, just to mention a few. The Board of Directors of the African Development Fund recently approved a $27.19 million grant to Ghana for infrastructure for skills development and job creation for youth and women in its post-Covid-19 recovery efforts, the US ambassador special self-help program for local communities and the $24.7 million in funding to support Ghana’s Covid19 economic crisis and amongst many others but we keep sinking as a country under this regime

Our country has become a very fragile state that is precariously dependent on imported commodities like rice , sugar , toothpicks, even staple foods like corn and cassava are been imported. What happened to the One District One Factory, planting for food and jobs, buy made in Ghana goods, we ask where are the goods to buy? The saddest!! All the investments have gone down the drains or possibly in the pockets of those in power.

Our economy has become vulnerable that those with power and with money are encouraging a corrosive pattern of bribery, corruption, profiteering popularly known as ‘kalabule’ and rent-seeking that rewards only those in government. Our economy is in a critical situation where certain corrupt individuals have taken advantage of the mismanagement and economic chaos to cheat and indulge in very absurd behaviours like hoarding of consumer goods, profiteering and racketeering. Our country has now plunged into an economic turmoil that even the IMF which the government sought to cushion the economy is struggling to cope.

Our healthcare system, school feeding programs, free education, factories, food programs, local manufacturers are all in a state of collapse nothing seem to be working under this same government who clearly stated and promised the people that they have the ‘MEN’, these ‘MEN’ they claim are only interested in taxing the poor who they never gave a job, are we now ‘robbing Paul to pay Peter’?. Is this phrase now the opposite? Our country is over burden with high taxes and fewer developments under this government
Unemployment rate is skyrocketing, ‘streetism’ is on the high, employees are crying for unpaid remunerations, civil servants, nurses, doctors, teachers are always on strike, crime rates keeps soaring, security agencies complaining of inadequate training materials and support to combat crime, there is chaos everywhere due to the government’s incompetence, inability to act and loss of focus.

It’s very sad and unfortunate that the government and its agencies who are supposed to intervene during crisis and difficult times are rather indulging in malfeasance, corrupt practices, cronyism and selfishness.
Ghana is indeed injured, we are all in pain but let’s put our country first and demonstrate peacefully, democracy shall always prevail over any form or shape of government but let’s also not forget that dictators and despot arise during times of severe economic crises, we need to fix the country now!. Put Ghana first and save Ghana from any oppressors rule.
So help me God.

Yours sincerely
Jerry Kweku Quainoo
(Bachelor of Law )
Agona Swedru.

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  1. Article on point. Unnecessary government expenditures and unnecessary government appointments created out of no where are also some of the problems. Excellent article!!!


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