Ghana’s market witnesses new contraceptive



A picture showing one of the Lydia Contraceptive brands

Dharmemendra Kumar Tyagi, (DKT International), one of the largest private providers of contraceptive products and services in developing countries have introduced a new contraceptive brand called Lydia Contraceptives unto the Ghanaian market.

The introduction of Lydia Contraceptives, in addition to the already existing KISS and FIESTA condom brands provided by DKT, is to give women the opportunity to decide for themselves when they want to have children by having access to modern contraceptives.

The contraceptives, Lydia Oral Pill, Lydia Daphne, Lydia Post Pill, Lydia Injectables and Lydia Safeload are envisaged to give Ghanaian women the variety of choices when making a decision to either space their birth or not have children.

Mrs Rebecca Carl-Spencer, senior technical advisor, DKT, said the Lydia Oral Pill has a 28 pill pack for daily intake to prevent pregnancy.

?The Lydia Daphne is also an oral pill but has a non-contraceptive benefit by containing a component which helps reduce acne, pimples and leaves the skin clearer and smooth in addition to preventing pregnancy,? she said.

Explaining further, she said the Lydia post pill is an emergency pill taken by women to prevent pregnancy after sexual intercourse with the Lydia Inter Uterine Contraceptive Device (IUD) once inserted helps prevent unwanted pregnancies for 5 to 10 years.

?The Lydia Injectables once injected will prevent the woman from getting pregnant for three months,? she said.

Dr Ali Samba, head of Reproductive Health Unit at the Korle?Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH) said contraceptives do not cause problems as some women have been made to believe.

He said instead, contraceptive usages by women would not only help reduce maternal and child mortality by helping women space their childbirths, contraceptives also and to help improve the well-being of families.

Kevin Hudson, Director of DKT International in Ghana, said the products of the company said the new Lydia modern contraceptives were inexpensive ways to reduce maternal deaths from dangerous abortions.

?They free parents from the burden of unwanted pregnancies and help create lower-fertility, higher-income societies that benefit everyone,? he said.

By Jamila Akweley Okertchiri


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