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Ghana’s NPP Leader Advocates Infrastructure Boost and Tax Cuts


Mr. Joseph Archibald, a prominent figure in Ghana’s ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), has outlined key strategies to ensure the party’s electoral success in upcoming elections.

Emphasizing the urgency of infrastructure development and tax reduction, Archibald aims to achieve the NPP’s ambitious goal of “breaking the 8,” securing a third consecutive term in office.

Archibald underscored the importance of completing ongoing and stalled road construction projects nationwide. He argued that a robust infrastructure overhaul drives economic growth, enhances regional connectivity, and facilitates trade and market access. “To achieve our goals, all infrastructure and road projects must be completed,” Archibald insisted, stressing the pivotal role of well-maintained roads in fostering regional development.

In addition to infrastructure, Archibald called for significant tax cuts, citing benefits such as stimulating economic activity and boosting investment. “Lower taxes will directly benefit taxpayers, increase disposable income, and spur growth and job creation,” he explained, highlighting the potential for reinvestment in Ghana’s economy.

The NPP has made substantial strides in infrastructure development under its “Year of Roads” initiative, targeting improvements to the country’s transportation network. Projects include constructing and rehabilitating highways and feeder roads critical for connecting rural areas and facilitating the movement of goods and people.

Aligning with the NPP’s governance strategy, Archibald’s proposals prioritize infrastructure as a catalyst for economic development. The government’s commitment to completing critical projects and reducing taxes aims to foster a conducive business environment and enhance the quality of life for all Ghanaians, which is crucial for securing public support and electoral success.

Mr. Joseph Archibald’s advocacy for sustained infrastructure development and tax reform underscores the NPP’s strategy to maintain political dominance. The government seeks to drive economic growth, improve regional connectivity, and elevate living standards by addressing these priorities, bolstering its electoral prospects in the upcoming cycle.

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