Ghana’s Pig Farmers announce increase in pork costs starting December 1

Navrongo pork

Prepare to spend more on your pork cravings starting December 1, as the Pig Farmers Association of Ghana has declared a roughly 20 percent hike in the farmgate price of pork. The current cost of 25 cedis per kilo for live-weight pork will escalate to 30 cedis, while carcass pork will see an increase from 35 cedis to 45 cedis per kilo.

During this year’s Porktober, an annual event focused on raising awareness about pork, Kwame Appiah Danquah, the President of the Pig Farmers Association, cited the surge in production costs as the reason for the adjustment. Emphasizing that these prices are applicable at the farm gate, Danquah cautioned that additional expenses, such as transportation, could lead to higher prices in Accra.

To foster sustainability in the pig industry and ensure equitable pricing, the farmers are planning to implement a pricing strategy for pork and its associated products.

They are also actively pursuing financial support from partners to alleviate the financial strain on farmers. Danquah highlighted the association’s efforts to secure funding, aiming to strike a balance between farmers and consumers by considering market dynamics and production costs. Recognizing financing as a primary challenge for pig farmers, the association is exploring opportunities for input financing to enhance the pig farming industry in the country.

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