Ghana’s poultry industry faces severe feed shortage


An acute shortage of feed is threatening the survival of Ghana’s poultry industry, the Ghana Poultry Farmers Association told Xinhua in an interview.

Isaac Essiaw, chairman of the association, said the increasing cost of feed brought farmers to their knees.

“All poultry farms in Ghana are on the verge of collapse if no drastic measures are taken by the government, through the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, to sustain the industry,” Essiaw said.

He said the high cost of feed was mainly due to the increasing price of maize which constitutes about 50 percent of poultry feed preparation.

The prices of other feed including wheat bran have also increased, he added.

He attributed the increase in the prices of these components to the uncharacteristic low rainfalls during the main crop season in 2021.

He said the association had been holding discussions with the Ghanaian government and other stakeholders to find ways of dealing with the challenges.

The association leader cautioned that a collapse of the poultry industry would exacerbate the already bad unemployment situation with rippling effects on the economy.

He called for a comprehensive policy by the government to ensure the production and preservation of maize and other components of poultry feed in large volumes to support the poultry industry. Enditem


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