GII sensitizes Ashaiman residents  on counter terrorism

Social Gii Ashaiman
Social Gii Ashaiman

The Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) has organised a town hall meeting at the Ashaiman to sensitise residents on the role of stakeholders in the prevention and countering of violent extremism, and terrorism.

Mrs. Mary Awelana Addah, GII Programme Manager, said stakeholders and individuals had a role to play towards fostering peace, and stability in the country.

She explained that violent extremism was the beliefs and actions of people who support or use violence to achieve ideological, religious, or political goals, including terrorism, and other forms of politically motivated and communal violence.

The GII Programme Manager said violent extremism and terrorism were culturally relative term that was subjective, emotionally laden, and pejorative.

Mrs. Addah highlighted that extremist violence had been growing in West Africa over the last decade hence preventing violent extremism and terrorism was a commitment to God to make the world a better place and an obligation under the principles and values enshrined in the charter of the United Nations.

According to her, the research conducted by the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) concluded that there was a low level of appreciation and low public education in terms of violent extremism and terrorism.

She debunked the high perception that the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) and its officials were corrupt because they allowed undocumented migrants into the country.

She said GII was working with the GIS at five border communities to ensure they worked towards promoting an efficient and effective border control mechanism to promote awareness of violent extremism and terrorism.

“Ashaiman is a cosmopolitan area, where people meet and converse, and where a lot of issues arise when in terms of illegal migration. I’m urging residents to report and say something when they see something,” she added.

Nii Ofoli Wilson, GIS Municipal Commander advised the citizenry to blow the whistle when they see something wrong both as witnesses and victims.

He cautioned “we should be careful about people we accept in our houses and communities because it could have implications for peace and the lack of peace there off.

“The GIS would do everything to counter and fight against terrorism to promote the peaceful environment we have as a nation”.

The Ashaiman Traditional Council expressed gratitude to GII for the initiative.

The event was attended by the NCCE Director and executives from the Ashaiman Council of Muslim Chiefs, Ashaiman Christian Council, and the Ashaiman Traditional Council and a cross-section of the public.

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