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Raymond Folley
Mr. Raymond Folley

By Seibik Bugri & Roger A. Agana

  • Technical Engineer calls on property owners.


Raymond Folley
Mr. Raymond Folley

Airtel Ghana has called on land owners, lords and other potential property owners to factor in the possibility of a telecom cell site or base being mounted on their homes or properties in the near future when constructing. Adding that the resistance by property owners is seriously challenging their bid to provide efficient services to consumers.


This came to light when Airtel met media personnel to educate them on a number issues pertaining to quality service to consumers.Taking reporters through various sectors of their service provisions, Raymond Folley told the gathering that Airtel is gradually educating people and potential property owner not to discount the fact that their property could be hired as a cell site for good services to people in future as the number of users increases.


The notion that cell sites emit cancer causing agents is false as speculated by many and technology is evolving fast and that situations have changed.


  • Network Challenges


Raymond explained to the participants that they are worried that inmany cases when the consumer is unable to connect it is the operator that is blamed when in fact probably it is at the other end where Airtel can do very little.? Aged or fake handset could be problematic as it might not have or unable to get the latest upgrade from the manufacturer to work properly as expected. Also, the processor speed of the phone is a major factor which can lead to freezingas well as weak battery live may terminate calls and account for bad service which is no fault of Airtel and yet the operator gets blamed.


Another challenge is external which again the operator can do little about. If the sever sitting somewhere in America or Europe goes down or there is congestion because of huge volume of users affecting calls or fault hardware or software immediately the operator gets the flak? Indeed sometimes it is the availability of the link that may be disappointing.


He revealed that the operator has control of performace upgrades as the number of users? increases and adding more base station subsystems and network subsystems which are monitored up to the minute level and dimensioned to accommodate user traffic.These are the areas that we can do something about.

  • Rampant Fiber Cut


Educating the reporters, Raymond Folley. Explained that one of the biggest challenges Airtel faced was the stealing of fiber cable which is a glass and not copper as thought. These fibers that transmit high ?speed and capacity across Ghana provide the backbone of 3G and 4G data traffic and a cut along the line is a major disruption of services that takes days if not weeks and huge funds to fix.? These rampant cuts also happen during road constructions and other development activities even when there is a sign is worrying he bemoaned. These cuts occur regularly and sometimes daily leading to huge disruption that are blamed on the operator.

  • Data Products & Services


Taking her turn to further make their bid to roll out good services, Madam Edith Dede Samokie Saki in the Marketing Department took the participants through how data charges were billed and the various services provided by the operator.She mentioned the differences between Data RollOver and Data Gift bundles and what they both terms mean. Data Roll Over product allows the customer to carry over his existing active bundle. This can only happen if one purchase another bundle before his bundle expires. After expiry date, customer cannot roll over and this is available to Airtel prepaid users only. Also customer must dial *125# to select and subscribe to preferred bundle.

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