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Give Support to the Mining of Lithium at Ewoyaa

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GIVE SUPPORT TO THE PLAN TO MINE LITHIUM AT EWOYAA –Open Letter to the Citizens especially Former Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo, Professor Gyampo, Dr Kwakye and others of IEA, Bright Simon of Imani Ghana and our respected Chiefs (Nananoms) and the People of Central Region 

Major Mohammed Bogobiri (rtd)

My dear People of Ghana, 

 Warmest greetings and merry X’mass and prosperous New Year in advance. 

What a Wonderful world released in 1967 by Louis Armstrong which is about the hopes and faith of the world and its people hence an invitation to appreciate and celebrate the simple things in life, is worth listening by you, my fellow Compatriots, especially our dear former Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo, the Yaa Asantewaa of our time, Professor Gyampo and associates to appreciate and celebrate the achievement we have made with the discovery of Lithium through the support of Atlantic Lithium Ltd, a private company at her cost.

Hmm, What a Wonderful World indeed. Ghana is yet to do away with her Pull Him Down (PHD) syndrome or the kokufo football match strategy, with the owner of the ball who in the middle of the football match, wants to change the rules of the game to enable his or her side to win the game. Hmm, this is being spearheaded by a former Chief Justice and a University Professor in a democratic dispensation or civilized society guided by Laws enacted by a Parliament and by a Constitution which at Article 107 is against retroactive legislation.

Folks, Ghana established Ghana National Petroleum Company (GNPC) in 1983 to explore, develop and produce oil, so that the State will enjoy the full or maximum benefits from the oil, if found in commercial quantities. 

For donkey years, nothing was achieved by our GNPC aside diversion into the establishment of among others, the Prestea Sankofa Gold Ltd, a 24hours economy unit with no dividends to the shareholder, the Government of Ghana, which was rather saddled with addition of huge debts to the accumulated national debt which has necessitated Debt Restructuring Program as part of Ghana’s Recovery Program.  Several Foreign Companies  like NUEVO in 1998,  Dana in 1999, Hunt Oil in 1999, Santa Fe in 2000 lost huge investment in exploration for oil in Ghana without success except providing jobs to some Ghanaians in 24 hours economy (three shift system in their  attempt to discover oil. 

Not happy with the state of affairs, a regime of NPP, followers of Adam Smith, the father of capitalism, sold licenses in 2004 to different international companies for offshore exploration and production of oil.  

Thanks to Allah for President Kofour, a student (follower) of Adam Smith, the father of capitalism, Tallow Oil and Kosmos Energy discovered oil in commercial quantities just in a matter of three years that was in 2007 at the area dubbed as the Jubilee Field. This made Ghana to become a full blown commercial oil and gas producer with the discovery of the offshore Jubilee Field. Google for history of oil Discovery in Ghana as published by Modern Ghana 

Hmm, Ghana as part of the global community is working hard for sources of renewal energy including use of metals like Lithium and Sodium to do away with the production of oil and vehicles and equipment which are powered with fuel. Hence. a huge loss of a source of income and assets envisaged. So God, so good to Ghana will provide Alternative.

Hmm, the story of the oil found in commercial quantities was not different from the current story with the Lithium found in Ewoyaa in the Central Region. Except that some of us could not believe it was true, so claimed that the sample brought to Parliament was palm oil, so they failed or refused to rejoice for the gift from God for Ghana to escape from the misery of poverty.  

When it came clear that the story of the oil found was true, so like the current public discourse with the Lithium discovery, some of us questioned why Ghana did not invest in the exploration, or take over the exploitation of oil so that the State could gain full or maximum benefits. Shockingly, this affected persons who claimed they were not happy that the State of Ghana or a Ghanaian Company was not involved in the exploration and production of the oil for Ghana to gain a high percentage in the oil find, like Chameleon changed their colors when they heard that a Ghanaian Company called the EO Group owned by two Ghanaians was part of the discovery of the Oil and expressed their displeasure.

Hmm, God revealed our brand of PHD, the Pull Him Down syndrome, when the affected persons heard that two of our Ghanaian brothers were paid money in millions of dollars by Kosmos Energy out of the money of Kosmos Energy was to repatriate or send out of Ghana, as fees for participation in the 24hours economy, as stated they expressed displeasure about their brothers receiving foreign money in dollars from Kosmos Energy. Hence, they caused the regime of President Mills in 2010 to investigate into this payment of the money to their Ghanaian brothers. 

The investigation revealed that the two Ghanaians formed a Company as EO Group registered in Ghana as a whole Ghanaian Company and it was the EO Group which invited and brokered Kosmos Energy of Huston Texas, USA to participate in the exploration of the oil in Ghana and the work of Kosmos Energy in Ghana contributed to the discovery of oil in commercial quantities. So Kosmos Energy only paid the EO Group her entitlements. Google for the sad as George Owusu shares Ghana’s Oil Story and lessons learned.

What came out from the investigation, was that most Ghanaians including the elite do not check for the relevant laws or do not understand the laws of Ghana including the investment codes on Foreign Direct Investment in the Mining Sector, and are even confusing it with procurement laws, so some of us  are of talking why a bidding system was not done before Atlantic Lithium Ltd was given the mining lease or why no contract mining, that the royalties is very low etc, gross  manifestation of ignorance of the law. 

Folks, in the front burner is a matter of an impending Mining of Lithium in Ghana by Barari DV a subsidiary Company of Atlantic Lithium Ltd, which is a foreign Company from Australia. A draft of the deal as usual is being prepared by the Sector Ministry and the relevant Agencies of the Executive Arm of Government and Atlantic Lithium Ltd for the Ratification of Parliament, this is contingent on completion of the processes before the Minister of Environment through the EPA can grant Environmental permit as required by Environment Assessment Regulations 1999 (LI 1652) and this  permit  must be used to obtain Mining Operation license from the Sector Minister through the Minerals Commission. So, the former CJ got it wrong. 


Folks, the doctrine of Separation of powers required that each Arms of Government acts independently subject to the 1992 Constitution and National Laws. So, the Executive Arm of Government through various Sector Ministries namely the Water and Sanitation, Environment, Lands and Natural Resources etc must implement the Laws enacted by Parliament as related to Mining and come out with a draft deal before the draft deal is sent to Parliament for Hon MPs to scrutinize it, to ensure the Draft Agreement is within the letters and spirit of the Constitution and the laws of Ghana and not by gullible public sentiments. A former CJ should be seen educating the gullible public, hence tone down her fiery populism. 


It is a draft agreement because by section (1) of Article 268 of the 1992 Constitution, ratification by Parliament is mandatory before exploitation (mining) of the mineral is lawful. The Constitution speaks of ratification and not prior approval of Parliament, so, the need for the completion of the process including a Public Hearing Forum to be organized by EPA with the affected Communities to explain the environmental hazards and remedies including a reclamation plan and the payment of a very huge sum in dollars as Reclamation Bond.

Further issues to be put in the agreement are the benefits to the State and what the catchment areas may gain to be proclaimed at the Public Hearing Forum to deal on matters in the Report of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) before the Environmental Permit is issued by the Sector Minister through EPA and the subsequent issuance of the mining operating Permit or license by the Sector Minister through the Minerals Commission. These must be completed as condition precedent which the Sector Minister must ensure before submitting to Parliament for scrutiny with a standard checklist before the ratification. 

The Agreement is to spell out all the requirements as stated in the permits from Water Commission, Forestry Commission, Land Commission/Stool Land, EPA, Minerals Commission etc, hence the dos and don’ts. It must be initialed or signed by both parties (the Sector Minister and Rep of Atlantic Lithium Ltd) to act as the working document to guide the parties until the Ratification by Parliament in 2024.

Those making the ugly noises must understand that Ghana is a civilized democratic Country, governed by the laws and the 1992 Constitution which is governed by the Doctrine of Separation of Powers between Parliament or the Legislature Arm, the Judiciary Arm and the Executive Arm as the traditional trilateral Arms of Government. Usually, an Arm of Government declines to     interfere on a matter not officially brought to it, thus acts appropriately as dictated by the Constitution.  So, the Judiciary and the Legislature Arm of Government would normally decline in interfering on a matter with the Executive Arm of Government until a constitutional or legal question hence a political question is brought to the nominated Arm’s attention.

Contrary to the public sentiment, especially by my brother Mohammed Atik, section 25 of the Minerals and Mining Law 2006 (Act 703) speaks of Royalty should not be more than 6 percent and not less than 3percent.  That was the law on the threshold or limitation on Royalty, hence it is not left to the discretion or whims and fancies of sector of a Sector Minister or Judge. 

The regime of former President Mahama did a very good job when in 2015, the Parliament of Ghana amended the Royalty law section 25 of the Minerals and Mining Law 2006 (Act 703) with section 25 of Act 2015 (Act 900) which fixed Royalty to be paid as five (5) percent to the State in addition to other taxes and levies. So the political question is the Royalty to be paid by Atlantic Lithium Ltd below five percent or exactly five person and nothing else.

 Professor Gyampo, an astute political science lecturer, surreptitiously in dirty politics, so he wanted  to embarrass a former Hon MP, a former Vice President and a former President of Ghana in the person of His Excellency President JD Mahama (note once a President, always a President), a onetime Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Ghana who before occupation of the mentioned Public Offices, took an oath to preserve, uphold, protect and defend the 1992 Constitution and laws enacted by Parliament  to pledge him and his people really  that when voted into power he will change the Deal of the Atlantic Lithium Ltd is an unbecoming of a Professor who is required to help groom future leaders of Ghana. Hmm, one could appreciate the reason why we have babies with sharp teeth in the Country. 

It must be noted that Atlantic Lithium Ltd has a Ghanaian Legal Team (trained by our respected Dons  of Ghanaian Universities with Faculty of Law and the Ghana School of Law) and must demo honesty and competency in  the legal service   support to the Company,  in the negotiation with the Reps of the State of Ghana which must be based on negotiation principles/stages, the laws of Ghana, especially the Minerals and Mining Laws and not on public sentiments or like the Kokufo Football match as stated above (changing established laws in the middle of the game). So Ghana and Atlantic Lithium Ltd need to celebrate for a deal reached, based on current laws of Ghana. Period.

Until Parliament comes out with the appropriate laws and ensures the implementation of the laws by the Executive otherwise the Judicial or Parliament act accordingly when a political or legal question is raised, we should not act against the development of Ghana. We must understand that Ghana is a civilized Country guided by the Constitution and Laws passed by Parliament as sovereign Authority. 

Furthermore, we must be guided by the Philosophy of Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained not the Books of lamentation or the usual sentiments of the gullible public or the acts of populism. The political question is has the process as at date, to enable the exploitation of Lithium in accordance with the current relevant laws of Ghana, if yes as a civilized Society, we must allow and monitor the process to continue to its logical conclusion.   

A check on matters on the bone of contention with the draft deal for the intended mining of Lithium, as negotiated by the Parties revealed no breach of current relevant National Laws and Regulations etc and when compare the benefits in the deal with previous deals in the mining sector, one may come to the conclusion that the Atlantic Lithium Ltd Deal is the best deal for Ghana. 

Let me reiterate that with my experiences in the Mining Sector, which among others enjoys or provide two very profitable Markets for investment for wealth creation. These are the Lithium Market and the Stock market which in the case Barari DV, Ghana may enjoy benefits of two Stock Markets namely London Stock Market which has Atlantic Lithium Ltd as one of her Clienteles and the Ghana Stock Market if and only if  Atlantic Lithium Ltd is listed with the Ghana Stock Market. Hence Ghana beside the benefits of Royalties etc, stand the chance to generate wealth from the Stock Market.

It should be noted that beside the in investing in lithium in the Lithium Market in the form of lithium hydroxide and Lithium Carbonate, another best chance for Ghana, especially the citizens, is investment   in the Shares (stocks) of Companies involved in Lithium Exploration and mining companies in order to capitalize on the growth potential of the individual companies that may benefit from increase in lithium demand. All that one need to do is study their financial health, management team, mining projects or projections, and overall market prospects.

Ghana should be very thankful to God that contrary to what  some of us are thinking  about the deal with Atlantic Lithium Ltd which is even in line with the relevant laws of Ghana, we are going to get beside what is documented as benefits, the lucrative chances to create more Ibrahim Mahama’s of Engineers and Planners through service contracts with payment from Lithium sales from the Lithium Market and make Warren Buffetts of Ghana through the stock markets (termed as value investing), Warren is one of the richest person in the World, who made his money from the Stock Market.  One Ghanaian by name Mr. Osei was recently published as a person who made a lot of money from the stock Market, he is the highest Individual shareholder of MTN. Should be contacted for ideas,

 Hence, based on the current legal regime, I hereby call on the Citizens of Ghana not to delay in providing support to Barari DV (the local unit of Atlantic Lithium Ltd) to mine the Lithium because unlike gold the price of lithium is going to fall drastically in the near future because with overtime, almost the value of everything except gold be it political, social (including love/romance), economic, cultural diminishes, this is so because Lithium is an alkali, corrosive, ability for ionization and radioactive. Lithium is highly inflammable and highly explosive metal, hence it cannot be stored safely, so search of alternative is in progress.

The alternative to lithium for the same jobs as electric vehicles, rechargeable batteries renewal energy is Sodium being promoted in fast manner in the World Market to beat Lithium which was discovered in 1990 in USA.  

Sodium and lithium can be obtained from brine or salt water or sea water but sodium is abundant than lithium. It must be noted that seawater contains 230billion tons of Lithium and just 0.1 of all the lithium from seawater would be enough to meet the global demand of technology needs.  So let us act very fast before an attempt to do away with Lithium like the attempt to do away with oil and gas. 

Sodium ion batteries cost less than lithium ion counterparts because Sodium batteries use electrodes built from iron and manganese which are plentiful, sodium battery more environmentally friendly, and can be transported at zero volts as against Lithium battery which is less environmental friendly than sodium battery and must be stored with minimum charge, increase fire risk with Lithium, this makes Sodium safer than Lithium. Sodium uses aluminum which is cheaper than copper, whilst Lithium uses copper which is three to four times more expensive. Note, both Sodium and Lithium are sometimes termed as white gold. 

 Sodium can be used at extreme temperature without the risk of fire but Lithium has a lower operating temperature range and cause fire if operated at higher temperatures. Sodium charges faster than Lithium-ion, Sodium has three times higher lifecycle than lithium. It is takes labor and pollution to refine Lithium so we should expect galamasey in lithium mining. 

 lithium reacts with oxygen to form lithium oxide, with nitrogen to form lithium nitride, thus the surface tarnish within a time of just a minute,   lithium reacts with hydrogen to form Lithium Hydroxide which is a strong alkaline and very corrosive compare to Sodium Hydroxide as caustic soda, lithium and water reaction catches fire because it is exothermic, hence it will catch fire in the process. Sodium has a better grid-energy storage than Lithium.    

Hmm, there is fast growing way of obtaining Lithium from the scrap market due to recycling boom. Lithium when used as electric battery for four years result in the charge power reduces to 20percent, so the battery must be discarded to the scrap market to be recycled thus the boom is increasing. The price of Lithium Carbonate and Lithium Hydroxide use in making batteries dropped from 81.000 Dollars per ton to 16,500 dollars per ton thus a massive dropped in value.

 Fellow Compatriots, do we have real Scientists in Ghana or where are our Scientists, Chemistry Professors? This reminds me of my Headmaster and tutor at Real Amass Kumasi, Mr. Ahmed Boating. Why that is our Scientists are keeping quiet? It is very sad that they know much of the chemical properties of the two Alkali metals of Lithium and Sodium and which one would soon be a better choice for electrical cars, rechargeable batteries, and renewal energy.

  Well, with testicular fortitude as a Bogobiri (with the Man Bogo brand) I am prepared to face the tantrums of Professor Gyampo and the Yaa Asantewaa of our time, so the above story and subsequent info should serve  as a warning to Ghanaians especially Prof, that we need to collaborate with Atlantic Lithium Ltd, so that Ghana gets very good benefits including 24hours economy from the Lithium before the alternative of Sodium being championed by China pushes Lithium to the dustbin, which is bound to happen due to the chemical properties of Lithium. 

This submission should tell my old pal, the CEO of McDan Group, that Electrochem Ghana Ltd at Ada Foah should see to the possibility of Sodium Refinery in Ghana to produce Sodium-ion batteries etc as part of value addition to the salt and thus help in the 24hours economy/import substitution/improve the economy fundamentals of Ghana so that the exchange rate does not expose butterflies needed for pollination of sugarcane. 

Folks, the author of this submission, with some experiences in the mining sector and in the Security sector (student of risk Management), so as part of the Fixing the Better Ghana Agenda through the vehicles of two reputable media namely Modern Ghana and News Ghana, he sees it as imperative to consider Ghana First,  as required of every patriotic citizen, hence, he wish to share  his experiences with the view to winning the hearts and minds of the  public especially the people of Central Region for an unflinching support for Atlantic Lithium Ltd, to mine the lithium in good time before the Lithium becomes of no use to the World, hence Ghana due to possible cheaper alternatives and other reasons as stated above.   

So welcome on board flight Modern Ghana and News Ghana on Fixing the Better Ghana Agenda.

Lithium has been found in commercial quantities in Ewoyaa in the Central Region by Atlantic Lithium Ltd, a foreign Company from Australia which won the franchise (area monopoly) in 2012 for Prospecting and Exploration. These two costly operation resulted in the proven commercial quantity of lithium, that is rich ore reserves of Lithium which is of interest for wealth creation as well as stated in three business portfolios namely the Lithium market for batteries etc and for wealth creation in the Capital or Stock Market reported as London Stock Market and the Australian Stock Market, where Atlantic Lithium Ltd is listed and lastly the Ghana Stock Market when Atlantic Lithium otherwise Barari DV is listed in Ghana. 

 Please take note of these three different financial Markets as Lithium’s Daily Market (24hours economy). These are (1). The Lithium metal market for yet to be produced lithium from Ghana with value addition if the refinery is established in Ghana. (2). External Stock Market for Atlantic Lithium Ltd, and (3). The local or Ghana Stock Market for the yet to be floated shares of Atlantic Lithium Ltd. These three Markets for Lithium to be produced in Ghana are going to be very volatile so require 24hours/7 study of the market trend especially with the Capital Market, thus making the situation profitable depends on where one stand as a buyer or a seller.

Lithium in future is going to be a very risky sector for an investment due to the changes of the striking or premium price of Lithium which is based on certain factors including, sociopolitical and economic matters, speculation or noise in the market (Sika empe Dede, courtesy of President Nana Addo) hence uncertainty in the price is envisaged.  So it will go up and down with time with demand and supply pulls and possibility of alternatives and the chemical properties of Lithium, so let us get Atlantic Lithium to exploit it in good time for Ghana to make gains before Lithium loses its value. 

 Please  we must therefore take note of the precarious situation when making calculations, that is to say it was wrong to say that Atlantic Lithium is going to make  over 1 billion Dollars profit from Mining Lithium in Ghana and Ghana is to make a peanut. This is not true. Ghana rather stands to get a lot from the deal to be explained later.

Some of us have the habit of misleading the public, this must be stopped. Example was/is the poor understanding of the Constitutional mandate of Bank of Ghana as a Constitutional Body to always act for public good as well as, meeting her constitutional mandate of Price stability or macroeconomics and financial stability. Hence, the attack against the Governor of BOG and her two deputies was unwarranted and infantile, because the impairment of GHC60.8 Billion by Bank of Ghana was part of condition precedent hence the debt restructuring of the debt of Ghana before the IMF can grant bail out, thus it was very necessary. So the Governor of Bank Ghana and his two Deputies did excellent job.

 It was very unfortunate that some of us said that it was very silly for Bank of Ghana to lose almost 6Billion Dollars (that is the impairment of GHC60.8 Billion), by Bank of Ghana,  for Ghana to go for about 4 Billion Dollars from the IMF. Hmm. very simplistic/ very poor understand of the issues.

 The action of Bank of Ghana with the impairment of GHC60.8 Billion among others was to save the collapse of the economy and the stability of Ghana, since Ghana lost the chance to go to the capital market for funds for national development and Dollars to boost the Nation’s reserves. 

 Ghana with serious financial crisis, needed credibility certificate or insurance to show that it could pay her debt, so the IMF bailout was for Ghana to gain credibility license and not only for the about 4Billion US Dollars from the IMF for support for Balance of Payment or to increase or maintain foreign reserves at a threshold to ensure macroeconomic and financial stability which is the core mandate of Bank of Ghana, 

Enter Atlantic Lithium Ltd, if I am right the information of the Billion dollars to be gained by Atlantic Lithium Ltd was of a communication value to the Stock Market but not of importance in the Lithium Market, It is possible that Atlantic Lithium Ltd may not exploit 30 percent of the reported ore reserves before exiting Ghana because the price of a tonne of lithium is precarious, do it is likely to fall or rise. Example, the price of Lithium recently fell drastically from 81,000.00 dollars per tonne to 16,500,00 dollars per tonne in the Lithium Market.  

Hmm, you need to understand the uncertainties in the Mining Sector especially with a mineral like Lithium which is abundant in the sea and is going to be found and mined in several countries, hence, the supply may surpass the demand and unlike gold, Lithium will very soon compete with other minerals like Sodium for batteries and or will be sourced cheaply due to the recycle boom, so, Refineries or the Market may opt for lithium from the scrap market, consequently a drop in the price of Lithium is envisaged. We need to appreciate this situation and collaborate with Atlantic Lithium Ltd to mine in good time to give us good returns from the Stock Market as well. Let me share some very sad experiences.

  We woke up one Morning and suddenly our daylight changed into Darkness due to a drastic drop of the price of the shares of then AGC Obuasi Mine, termed as the golden share and recently our option shares of UT Bank shares and that of a Gold Mining Company in the Western Region of Ghana, which not very long ago, was allegedly doing well in the Gold market.  

Hmm, during the regime of the late Papa J,  the public and  Military Officers including myself were encouraged to buy AGC Obuasi Mine shares at around 25 dollars per share but later on, dropped to 3 Dollars per share, so we never gained a cent. Google for the sad story as “In the matter of the golden share as published in modern Ghana dated 29 Jan 2002’. It was very big funeral for the shares, so, some Shareholders have to go to Court but it never yielded a good result because we did not understand the politics (policies) of shares. So, we found ourselves in a real Concrete Jungle, by courtesy of Bob Marley.   

Please take note that the discovery of commercial quantities of lithium in Ghana, recently contributed to the revaluation (increase) of the price of Atlantic Lithium Ltd shares without mining the mineral in Ghana. It may go up or fall due to our conduct. Note we contributed to the downgrading of Ghana Financial Status to junk. We did so, with the politics on the e-levy. So the suffering we are going through today partly due to our failure to understand that Sika empe dede (especially the fracas in Parliament by Hon MPs was disgusting).  That is the business World is full of juju and tricks.

Please take note that Obuasi Mine reportedly has a lot of gold reserves but in December 2016, no one was ready to buy it for a pesewas as proclaimed by his Royal Majesty, the Ashantehene due to an issue of alleged illegal miners. But the Company is now ok and this has made the Company to recapitalize by ingestion of shareholders fund and not from Gold sale. I wonder whether the Company has produced up to 7,000 kg of gold as at date, but the share price remained good due to idea of the gold reserve. So do not be disturbed with ore occurrences.

Please take note that the plan Exploitation or Mining of lithium ore in Ghana by the Subsidiary Company of Atlantic Lithium Ltd coined as Barari DV with subsequent beneficiation operations in Ghana by an establishment of a Refinery in Ghana (a 24hour economy unit) for value addition, so beside the royalties from the gross sales, Ghana is going to gain massive employment and the possibility of creating more Ibrahim Mahamas from mining services contracts. Mr Ibrahim Mahama and Rocksure International are the product of local content and local participation policies in the mining sector and today Mr Ibrahim Mahama, is an international icon in the Mining Sector. Explanation later.

 Ghana will also gain revenue through VAT, Insurances, taxes including withholding tax (though one can recoup the payment it serves as advance revenue) PAYE and SSNIT Contributions through Atlantic Lithium and associated service providers and suppliers. Early mining of Lithium will facilitate the establishment of the Lithium Refinery in Ghana, which maybe the first in Africa and thus could make other African countries to send their Lithium to the Refinery in Ghana (hence 24hours economy). So, the associated socioeconomic development of Ghana especially at the Catchment areas with the growth of ancillary services local markets or shops, transport services is going to be massive. Our economists need to be honest and bold and speak the truth of the benefits to Prof and the Yaa Asantewaa of our time. 

We need to grow up to understand that Ghana is a civilized society, governed by laws including Mining Laws which attracts and lured or attracted direct foreign investment by investors especially Atlantic Lithium Ltd  in the mining sector and we must be guided by the philosophy of Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained, in our public discourses. So, Professor Gyampo and our dear former Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo and others must tone down the rhetoric and accept that the deal is the best for Ghana as far as the laws of Ghana are concerned. 

If we want excellent gains, then let us invest in Exploration next time.  Some of our Hon MPs or Parliament should not think that they can enact laws to trap or lure or attract Foreign Direct Investment by investors to the Mining Sector and wake up one morning on hearing of good reports of discoveries, to say a deal based on the laws they (MPs) passed is not good. If it is not good, it is our MPs who are not good, since the implementers implied the letter and spirit of the laws enacted by Parliament and they were/are aware of a superior law in the Constitution, on no retroactive law in Ghana.  So MPs of Ghana must wise up and defend a law they passed in 2015 with the amendment of section 25 of the Minerals and Mining Law 2016 (Act703). With Act 900 of 2015.

 Based on the history of political economy of Ghana, I do not subscribe that the State should run a Mine. Our brothers and sisters will run it down so that they can buy it.  We have a very bad history of not able to manage public assets or even the Country called Ghana with abundant resources including River Volta as one of the gold mines as 24hours economy for river transportation, fishery, irrigation, hydroelectric power station etc but we cannot manage it. Construction of a Kilometer road in Ghana, is more expensive in Ghana than other countries and normally associated with very poor work, so it does not last. 

We wrongly built a sugar factory at Komenda Sugar, when a common second year pupil of SHS can easily tell us factors for location of an industry and give an appropriate recommendation and provide the history behind the established of the old Sugar Factory by President Nkrumah. For over seven Years, President Nana Addo and his former Sector Minister failed to think outside the box, so as to come out with a National sugar policy and use Hon Tahiru Hammond’s idea of import Restriction to get cheap raw sugar for the Komenda Sugar Refinery and the over 40 Sugar Refineries in Accra/Tema to produce white sugar.  

TOR, when it was in private hands as GHAIP was making huge profit paying taxes and paying dividends to shareholders etc.  Hmm but when it became a State property as TOR the poor citizens are by law required to pay TOR Recovery Levy. That is Ghana for you, Madame former CJ. We are told that Ghana got funds from the IMF and World Bank for COVID19 pandemic, yet the citizens and madam former CJ and her associates are required to pay COVID19 recovery levy and no ugly noises from them. 

The Bogobiri family of Navrongo are ready to pay appropriate taxes but abhors paying a silly tax like what we are doing at Tema Oil Refinery (TOR), since an Oil Refinery is supposed to be a very profitable Company but due to the Ghanaian brand of corrupt acts or corruption in our DNA and our incompetency situation, TOR is in a very bad state, so, we have a silly law for the payment of TOR recovery levy since Jesus Christ was born with no end at sight.  

Hmm, some of our compatriots who we employed to run TOR, have ran it down so that they can buy TOR with few Cedis, despite the TOR Recovery levy we have been paying since Jesus Christ was born. The story of PDS will not be accepted say in an Arab country. Again, the story of why a sugar factory at Komenda, I mean the Sugar Refinery by the previous regime of the NDC and why the current NPP regime of President Nana Addo, cannot think outside the box to get cheap raw sugar for the Sugar Refinery incidentally in the Central Region, will not be tolerated in some Countries, Hmm let me keep my mouth shut since we are in Country of Jokers, so, I am afraid that if I recommend a ban of some people from taking public offices, my small room will be invaded by butterflies or maybe I will not get an umbrella when it rains. 

We are quick to see a slogan as a game changer and import restriction as a bad idea, there must be something wrong with us. Hence, we, left the Sugar Refinery non-operative which is a possible 24hours industry or economy due to likely three shifts system (contingent on the duration for processing of white sugar and ethanol from raw sugar otherwise from sugarcane). It will also depend on the demand and supply sugar and state of raw material which may require working both day and night to save cost before it gets bad). The wiser thing to do was/is thinking outside the box and use it to treat or refine cheap imported raw sugar to produce brown and or white sugar and the byproduct of molasses for the domestic market and very expensive or profitable ethanol for export.

Due to our foolhardiness, Komenda Sugar Production Series, is a white elephant and at the mercy of the weather for rusting etc and reptiles as home for lizards and snakes etc, God has heard the prayer of Mr Zoomlion to see a Komenda Sugar Production Series as youth employment model on spraying etc to create 24hours jobs. 

Hmm, Cry the Beloved Country. Madame Her Excellency Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, my one time fellow dancer, orders us to be bold or that we should prove that we have testicular fortitudes and say it as it is. So thank you my dear mother, Her Excellency Nana KONADU Agyeman Rawlings to say it as it is.   In a very civilized world, certain people would have been banned not to occupy public office for the next 20years.  

Hmm, this is Ghana, so please welcome on board, where butterflies are flying all over of Ghana instead of at Komenda Sugar Development to help in the pollination of sugar cane. Hon Mr Tahiru Hammond, he will be the show boy of Ghana, if he is really honest with his import substitution or Restriction bill, then he should work hard to get tax free raw sugar for the Komenda Sugar Refinery and for the over 40 sugar refineries in Ghana to produce white, brown sugar, ethanol and the Molasses . 

Hmm I envisaged, Hon Mr Kwabena Hammond Tahiru, maybe crafty, tricky or mischievous with an attempt to give a showdown to the newly found and nebulous slogan of 24hours economy. To see whether the proponents of the slogan of 24hours economy real meant it so as to give him massive support since it is synonymous with Industrialization which also denotes import substitution or restriction. 

Hon Mr Tahiru and those shouting 24hours economy should be very happy to see Atlantic Lithium Ltd with her plan to mine Lithium and see for the establishment of a Refinery in Ghana to refine it in Ghana beside for domestic usage and export, it will add to the 24hours economy if the aim, is just for job creation for the youth, then the youth should see the mining of lithium as game changer to create new Ibrahim Mahamas.    

Thanks for the addition of sugar to the list by Hon Mr Tahiru Hammond. Unfortunately, due to our PHD syndrome (pull him down) otherwise ignorance on what pertains in the sugar industry or matters on Industrialization, hence simple economics, some of us said that he was wrong to add sugar to the list because we do not have enough sugar plantation or for whatever reasons. 

They must be educated that India is the second world producer of Sugar, notwithstanding this situation, two prominent sugar Refineries in India are economically cited at the enclave of Ports and they depend mainly on imported raw sugar for production of white sugar and ethanol 24/7. Switzerland does not have a single cocoa tree or plant but it is gaining billions of dollars by value addition to raw cocoa bought from Ghana which is always looking for cocoa syndicated loan (Robbing Peter to pay Paul syndrome) to buy cocoa.

The diversion to sugar factory is to tell the state of our hypocrisy, dishonesty, and incompetency. 

 Enter Atlantic Lithium,  let me once again make it very clear that by National and International Laws, the Company has the right to mine the Ore and the condition precedent is meeting Ghana’s legal Regime and Regulations on Mining, Environmental Impact, Safety matters, Community issues and National benefits (Interest, Royalties etc) which are the Condition precedent which must be done before the agreement is submitted to Parliament for a simple Ratification that is if the deal is within the prevailing laws of Ghana as the Constitutional requirements especially section (1) of Article 268 of the 1992 Constitution. So the Yaa Asantewaa of our time got it wrong, when she spoke of no ratification by Parliament.

Matters on the State of Ghana’s physical involvement in the Mining of Lithium at Ewoyaa with ingestion of capital that is heavy cash in dollars for initial exploration and subsequent mining either solely (total ownership of the Mining of the ore) otherwise in a Private Public Partnership in the Mining of the Lithium by the State of Ghana for the highest benefits to Ghana, is of no value as at date. Madam former CJ also got it wrong with her talk on the issues on procurement procedures especially bidding system. 

It is very good that everyone is talking for better Mining laws by Parliament, but at this stage of the game, (in the middle of the football match we cannot change the rule), so some of us are just emotional, it must be appreciated that nothing can be done because Article 107 of the 1992 Constitution and International law prohibit retroactive laws. So the comments in the public domain though some are very good or valid points but these are for future considerations and should not affect Atlantic Lithium which is a Corporate in Ghana  operating under the laws of Ghana since 2012. 

We need to stop speaking badly about the deal because it has met the requirements of the laws of Ghana. So, as a civilized society, we must speak on what laws to be enacted in future by Parliament for the Excusive Arm of Government to implement. But the current law must be implemented.

The mining of Lithium at Ewoyaa must be supported, since Atlantic Lithium Ltd won the said concession for prospecting and exploration in 2012 with our eyes opened ‘fifili’  in the Democratic Fourth Republic of Ghana with the support of duly elected democratic regimes in 2012 and 2023 which applied the Constitution and laws of Ghana and International Law, and made  Atlantic Lithium as a Corporate  Ghana for the purpose as incorporated, so the State of Ghana must protect the interest of Atlantic Lithium,  without fail  and only ensure Atlantic Lithium  adheres to the Constitution and national laws. Period.

As stated we need to take note that Article 107 of the 1992 Constitution and International law prohibit retroactive laws. So Ghana as a civilized society has no case but to support Atlantic Lithium to work according to the prevailing laws of Ghana.

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained, so the Deal is the best. If we want a change as proclaimed by the former of CJ, we should do our best by ingestion of capital into exploration and not sleep on our jobs and wake up and start shouting on top of the roof as if Ghana is uncivilized society not governed by laws. 

Nothing Ventured, Nothing gained must be the guiding philosophy beside the laws of Ghana, so Atlantic Lithium must be given the immediate support to recoup her investment and share the benefits of mining lithium in Ghana with Ghana in line with existing laws and not by the wishes or the whims and caprices of a former CJ or a University Professor, both of whom should know better and help guide the gullible public. 

They must understand that if they have a problem they should attack Parliament which is responsible for enacting laws. So the former CJ and Prof must lobby with Parliament to enact good laws next time or opt to go to Parliament to help improve on the performances of Parliament. Otherwise we must be happy with the laws of Ghana as at date. That is what democracy is about, so Ghana is not a jungle, where the lion can just wake up and roar to show that it is powerful or knowledgeable. We must abide by our national laws. Period.

 Unfortunately, the two scholars and others are  have sunk into the gutter with the gullible public with the usual book of lamentation and running amok with unfounded allegations of likely corrupt acts and matters on a bad lawyer or words worth the same.  Hence, this submission is an attempt to educate you, the citizenry or public on what pertains in the mining sector, so that you, the Citizenry especially our brothers and sister in the Central Region can appreciate that we must give immediate support to Atlantic Lithium to mine the Lithium with minimum delay before both Atlantic Lithium Ltd and Ghana do not get a good value for the Lithium. 

Lithium may soon lose its value, due to the alternative of Sodium and Hydrogen and a source of Lithium from scrap items with lithium. We also stand to gain from the possibility of Ghana having the first lithium Refinery in Ghana, so that Ghana can attract Lithium from other parts of Africa to refine it at the plan Lithium Refinery in Ghana if we quickly put our acts together and stop the ugly noises or the dirty politics (I mean way of our life) .

Let me reiterate that before the exploitation of the Minerals or actual Mining could start the process including meeting the legal regimes including benefits (extent of ownership or Ghana’s shares, Royalties, matters on local content and local participations),Ghana’s regulations on Mining, Safety, Environment especially report of environmental impact assessment and remedial actions including Reclamation Plan or Reclamation Bond to be Posted, all these and others must be part of the final Agreement between Ghana and Atlantic Lithium. So this is what we should be concerned with.

These processes are condition precedent before ratification by Parliament. So the former Chief Justice got it wrong.   Legally, the Constitution requires the Executive of Arm to adhere to the laws enacted by Parliament, so before exploitation of the Mineral, the Agreement must receive Ratification by Parliament that is Parliament must scrutinize with a standard Checklist to see whether provisions of Ghana’s laws and Constitution have been met by the Executive Arm of Government.  This is very clear at Section (1) of Article 268, it does not say prior approval of Parliament as the thinking of the former Chief Justice and thus she misled the gullible citizens to think she was right.

Our Yaa Asantewaa, this time, was 100percent wrong because as stated ratification also includes use of a checklist by Parliament to ensure the agreement has met all the requirements/standards including the legal regime and regulations of Ghana including matters on environment impact assessment, benefits to Ghana especially Royalties to be paid. Also the deal satisfy local content and local participation laws or policies of Ghana and Constitutional requirements of Ghana. Period.

Lithium is a metal mineral termed as the White gold, which as at today is used for among others as  a global renewable energy resource as rechargeable lithium-ion storage batteries by storing excess energy  and release when the need arises as for powering phones, electric or hybrid  cars, electric bikes or grid-scale storage.

 It also used in the production of alloys and glass and it is needed in the ceramic industry. It forms a High performance Alloy with aluminum, copper manganese, and cadmium for the manufacture of aircraft. Furthermore, it is used as lithium oxide to absorb carbon dioxide in a space aircraft and as lithium carbonate for some drugs to treat depressive disorder. 

The above details tells that Lithium is a critical or precious minerals. So, in 2012 when Atlantic Lithium demonstrated interest and capacity to operate in the mining sector of Ghana, the State of Ghana granted Prospecting license and later on Exploration license to search for lithium which as a mineral thus it is  ruled by  section (6)  of Article 257 and section(1) of Article 268 of the 1992 Constitution as well as under the Minerals and Mining Law 2006 (Act 703), Royalty law at Section 25 of  Minerals and Mining Law 2006 (Act 703),  as amended in 2015 as Act 2015 (Act 900) plus other relevant laws and Regulations on Investments, the Environment and Minerals and Mining Laws especially the various Mining Regulations (LI) which were passed  in 2012 through Parliament. 

The need to explore and discover lithium , develop and mine if of commercial quantities of lithium, was the reason Ghana brought Atlantic Lithium Ltd  to Ghana operate in Ghana as an Lithium exploration Company, so Atlantic Lithium Lt has the right to the Minerals and Atlantic Lithium Ltd is only required to mine same mineral within the laws of Ghana and give proper account of the sales to Bank of Ghana, GRA etc.  

 Ghana discovered lithium in some of the regions including the Central Region in 2017, then the Ashanti Region, Upper West Region and Volta Region in 2018. Aside, the Central Region which is reported to have Commercial quantities worth exploitation, commercial quantities in the other mentioned Regions yet to be determined.

Atlantic Lithium, started prospecting and exploration of Lithium in the Central Region in 2012 when it was granted the respective licenses. Prospecting involves acquiring a prospective license at a fee by a Company to use a tool in the search for the location of minerals /ore deposit by geologist(s) to determine the potential for extraction, it includes checks on the geology, topography and mineral potential of an area. This is followed by acquisition of Exploration license at a fee to enable one to conduct advance prospecting,  this time with the use of modern and sophisticated instruments and equipment in search for and qualitative assessment of minerals/ore in a prospect and known defined area. Both are to estimate the mineral/ore in a prospect. 

 Testing and economic analysis is followed after Exploration to determine if mining is profitable in order to establish a mine for making profit. The processes from prospecting and exploration  are very expensive and may even lead to a very big loss due to a very low minerals or ore body not economical to establish a mine for profit or not profitable  to mine by an established Mining Company. 

Let me give a personal experience on sika empe dede. In 2008, the Security Department of Bogoso Mine with myself as the head and one Capt. JJ Saltson (rtd) as my Deputy adopted a zero tolerance for illegal miners and this helped to preserve the gold ore assets of the Company as confirmed or evaluated by International Financial Analysts, otherwise prevented illegal miners from depleting the ore reserves as declared to the Capital Market and thus boosted or sustained the Share Price of the Company.  So with my no nonsense stances, swift and brutal actions were conducted to deal with the menace but we were later on directed by the GM to have empathy for the illegal miners. 

Based on the GM’s advice, we adopted some level of tolerance under a Live and Let us Live Policy. This happened, when then Western Regional Minister /Chairman of REGSEC, who is now the CEO of COCOBOD was made to appear in Parliament to answer questions on bad treatment of illegal miners by security personnel of Bogoso Mine, this bad news on alleged human right abuses affected the Share Price of the Company because Sika Empe dede as proclaimed by President Nana Addo. The share dropped thus affected Shareholders interest, please take mental note of this point. Note that Ghana’s financial status was reduced in 2022 to junk level by International Credit ratings due to the fracas in Parliament on the E-Levy. 

On the approval of the General Manager of the Mining Company, Capt. Saltson and myself tolerated Hansol Mining Company, owned by Chairman Wontumi (Mr Bernard Antwi Boasiako) and granted him 30 days window to work in the encroached area within the Prestea Concession, close to Himan, to mine under our close monitoring. 

So, please note in order to help preserve the gold ore reserves as declared to the Capital or Stock Market thus helped in the rise or maintenance of the Share Price of the Parent Company of the Mining Company without mining or  a plan to mine the gold at the affected area, made us  to adopt the Live and Let us Live Policy in line with Sika Empe Dede, that allowed Hansol Mining Company (Chairman Wontumi) to work in the area where the Exploration reports though indicated it contained some deposits of gold which was part of the Company’s gold reserve as declared to the Capital Market, it was not in appreciable or economical viable quantities for large Scale Mining for wealth creation or to recoup returns on the investment in prospecting and exploration. 

Note, the Company lost the gold removed at the area by Hansol Mining or without mining at the said area to generate revenue or to get returns on investment on the cost on prospecting and exploration at the said area because it did not get a pesewa return against both the prospecting and exploration work but it might have gained from the increase in her share price when there was no antagonism with illegal miners.  Note, the gold at the said area though was not more up two Million Dollars for mining, it was added to in the Company books as part of the ore reserves of the Company for the declaration at the Stock Exchange and thus boosted or sustained the share price without the Company mining even an oz of gold for the Gold market or as sales,

 As indicated some of the gold at the area was stripped by Chairman Wontumi in a friendly or quite atmosphere permitted by the Company with the 30days window as agreed by both parties before he evacuated from the area or was forcefully ejected. The then Western Regional Minister/ Chairman of REGSEC (now CEO COCOBOD) had to speak to him before he left the area. I have a copy of the mail to that effect.

Please before I continue with the submission, let me take this golden chance to make it very clear or rather swear to God, that Capt. Saltson and myself never gained even a sachet of water from Hansol Mining Company or the owner as at date as some people thought or may conjecture.  . 

Compatriots, let us be good Christians and Moslems and be guided by the philosophy that ‘Nothing Venture Nothing Gained’ as well as   be guided by President Nana Addo’s advice that, Sika empe dede (Money or the stock Market does not need ugly noises) indeed Sika empe dede. 

Let me cite an interesting rather a sad story of the operation of Atlantic Lithium ltd in Ghana. The Share price of Atlantic Lithium at the London Stock Market grew up before 09 March 2023 on the good news of the Company’s discovery of Commercial quantity of lithium in Ghana without mining a tonne. Unfortunately, it dropped drastically on 09 March 2023 due to a wild allegation by an activist investment Company in Texas, USA by name Blue Orca Capital that Atlantic Lithium bribed the son of a Ghanaian politician, namely the Chairman of the NDC, namely Hon Aseidu Nketia (Google for short seller alleges corruption by Atlantic).

The above  stories  on the drop on the share prices of two mining Companies and the down grading of Ghana due to  the E-Levy fracas in Parliament  should make you to understand why Sika Empe Dede (money does not need noise) as proclaimed by His Excellency President Nana Addo. 

 It is not true that Atlantic Lithium is going to make a profit of over 2 Billion Dollars. Though the figure represents the true value of the lithium at current price for the Stock Market as reported to the Market or for accounting but it is possible that the said quantity of lithium in tonnes may not be mined at all by Atlantic Lithium or the price used in the current computation may not be the same during future sales of lithium. It may be lower.so Atlantic Lithium gains or lost is in the hands of God.

Fellow Citizens on board flight Modern Ghana, please, you may lose your seat belt now in order to reduce stress and relax for you to understand that occurrences or quantum of commercial or the nominal state of Gold or Lithium Ore body or reserves or assets as proclaimed and communicated to the Capital Market does not necessary implies that the Company stands to or going to make the value of the proclaimed tonnes of Gold or Lithium. 

The exact state of affairs depends on the World Price or demand. Since, the possibility of a better or cheaper substitution with Sodium and Hydrogen for Batteries etc is very high or the idea of the different source of the mineral lithium from scrap items, speaks volume of the risky state of affairs because the price may be more or less. For instance, the price of Lithium in the World Market at one time was 18,000 Dollars per tonne but it dropped to 16,500.00 dollars per tonne. 

 So let us stop the infantile way of consideration of things with the thinking that Atlantic Lithium is actually going to make 2Billon US Dollars from Ghana just like what the other time some ignorant media personnel made an infantile statement that it was very odd for Bank of Ghana as part of the Debt Exchange program to incur an impairment of GHC60.8 Billion equivalent to about 6Billion Dollars as part of a condition precedent for Ghana to get only 3 Billion Dollars as IMF Bailout.  

Atlantic Lithium Ltd may be right that the Company stands to gain about 2 Billion US Dollars that is if and only if it succeeds in mining all the lithium ore today at the current market situation. So it may make more or less money depending on whether the cost of mining and the price of Lithium remains the same or increase or drop. But note,  it can fall drastically if new alternative minerals like Sodium are found for the same purposes as proclaimed with Lithium or the terms reached in an off taker agreement. 

Folks, let me reiterate a sad experience, when I was in the Military, the PNDC or was it the first NDC regime of Papa J made us to buy shares of AGC Obuasi Mines at about 25 dollars (in Cedis equivalent) per share as part of measures for recapitalizations of AGC Obuasi Mines, which then had Ghana as the majority shareholder. All of a sudden it dropped from 25 Dollars to 3 US Dollars, same as what happened in 2018 with UTC Bank shares some of us bought in 2010 or so.

Hmm, when I joined Bogoso Mine in 2002 or so the Gold Price was below 240 Dollars per ounce we in Bogoso Mine kicked against hedging in the capital Market but AGC Obuasi Mine, then partly owned by Ghana through a joint venture with Foreign partners, with then Mr Sam Jonah as head of the Ghanaian Management team on the advice of experts, thought it was very wise in mining business to take a risk in hedging. 

The then AGC  sold a certain quantity of AGC’s gold in advance at then a good price of 350 US Dollars, which was very  good then in the financial market through hedging. It was very good initially due to volatile price of gold at that time. Hmm, we woke up one morning and our day light suddenly became darkness when we heard that the share price of AGC Obuasi Mine dropped by more than 40 percent, so we and AGC lost greatly (Google for the story as ‘Sam Jonah Mess at AGC’). I think it was in the same vein that Ghana lost the Obotan Mine (Ghana’s joint venture with others including Data Bank, then owned by current Minster of Finance).

Folks, Nothing Ventured, Nothing gained, so the current deal is the best So let me repeat that the current arrangement with Atlantic Lithium is the best and Ghana should not and must not make the risk of taking over or be in a joint venture in the mining operations, both of which at this stage of the game are even not possible by the Constitution, which prohibits retroactive laws.

Ghana should not make the mistake to do the mining, due to corruption as part of our DNA, the Ghanaians will steal and run the place into debt like TOR, hmm and we will be made to pay a recovery levy and the corrupt Official will have the audacity to say they want to buy TOR because the corrupt officials have teamed up with foreigners to buy the Company after reducing the price of the Company to that of toilet roll our usual brand. Please fellow nationals, let Atlantic Lithium take the risk and let us enjoy the very good benefits from the deal as spelt by the Sector Minister and see if we can get more Ibrahim Mahamas.

Please let add that at the time AGC Obuasi adopted the hedging model, some mining Companies like Bogoso Mine, which did not take a risk by hedging their gold, woke up one good morning and had a very bright day when the whole world heard of a gold rush in 2005 that resulted in the doubling of the Gold price from 250 US Dollars per ounce to 500 US Dollars per ounce.  So this saw a great increases in the share price of the parent Company of Bogoso Mine. 

The Company was able to raise funds at the Stock Market and not much from the gold sales and was able to buy the Wassa Concession with cash from an Australian Exploration Company which held the Wassa Concession then as the St Judge Concession. Payment was by shares as well in the form of warrants. So Bogoso Mine or entered a joint venture with it and established a Joint Venture termed as Wexford Gold Mine by leveraging Bogoso Gold’s ore reserve in the Financial Market to secure funds for the Joint Venture and later on bought the partners shares and established the Wassa Gold Mine at Akyempim.   So take note that Mining Companies play tricks with shares and not much from the mineral.

The  Wassa Mine used to be a Canadian Mine, today it is Golden Star Wassa Mine of Chifeng Gold Group,  belonging to a Chinese Company namely Chifeng Gold Group. So Atlantic Lithium Ltd. may not be in Ghana to mine all the ore reserves as reported to the Market to make the said profit as being reported. So Ghana should be ready to buy it, that is if we think it will be good do so when Atlantic Lithium in 5 years’ time offer the mine for sale.  So let us give time for them to establish the mine, where we can train the youth to take over or for other countries or other mines, so see that as financial benefit.

Foreign Mining Companies are very clever they know when to exit or normally have an exit plan. So we should be happy that for the first time in the history of Ghana we are going to have a Ghanaian to be one of the Board members of the parent Company of Barari DV Ltd, that is Atlantic Lithium Ltd, our member should able to alert the Government when the Mine is to be sold out in future. Ghana will also get the option of nominating five Ghanaians to sit on the local board of Atlantic Lithium. More gains to Ghana. Hmm, knowing our character, Ghana should never be stupid to dream of buying a Mine like what is happening at TOR and at Airteltigo.

Let the private man runs the Mine, pay royalties and taxes, provide jobs, and create more Ibrahim Mahamas through local participation policy. If you do proper risk assessment you may realize that Ghana may even benefit more than Atlantic Lithium. This depends on how the Company carries out her work in Ghana.

 A declaration of news of commercial deposit of ore reserves as in an Exploration report or as proclaimed to the Capital Market normally leads to the appreciation of the Share price of Mining Companies. We must note that some if not all of the foreign Exploration and or Mining Companies normally manage to survive during times for recapitalization of the business when the attract new investors for their beautiful reports. Example of what the King of the Ashanti Kingdom told us that no one was ready to buy the Obuasi Mine with so some much gold reserves for a pesewas.  

Today, the Obuasi Mine is vibrant with the injection of funds by a Shareholders or from the Stock Market  and not from the Gold Sales, I am not sure as at date the Obuasi Mine has produced up to 2,000kg of gold for the Market. So do not let the occurrences confuse you, it is just for the Capital Market. The magic in the Mining Industry is the shares to be issued to the public and not the sales of the mineral.

Just another personal experience of sika empe dede. Hmm, when I was working with a foreign Mining Company and I was one of the people who bought both the foreign shares in the Toronto Stock Market and the local shares in the Ghana Stock Market as a Shareholder, we woke up one morning to realize a drastic drop of the share prices thus depicted very huge losses by shareholders, this was simply due to bad press. The disturbed Foreign Shareholders on the Toronto Stock etc Markets had to change two of our parent Company’s Chief Executive Officers within a short time. 

One day, one of the principal shareholders from USA, who was sponsored by the others to conduct proper due diligence effort in order to confirm the state of affairs in Ghana especially the state of the gold ore reserves vis a vis the reports of encroachment by illegal miners etc. The worried man visited my Office five times for the briefing on the state of illegal miners and what could be done to deal with the menace without the use of brutal acts which when reported of may lead to reduction of the share price.  From his facial look, I knew the man was under serious pressure to protect shareholders interest thus including myself a shareholder’s interest. 

 I had to repeat the same briefing as given by the GM, especially the good work of a Committee headed by one Colonel Amadu Disu (rtd) with me as the member/secretary and as the operative in the field dealing with the illegal mining problems.  He was very happy when I explained the attempt by the company with the AngloGold Obuasi Mine for relocation of illegal miners within the areas of our respective mines to Ayanfuri and this was communicated to the Government especially the Sector Minister as well as the Police, Military etc. I concluded by saying that the problem was under control because the illegal miners were aware of the arrangement and do cooperate with the Company, that was why he did not see illegal miners as reported by the media both local and foreign. 

He returned to USA with his confirmation report and this made the share price to rise slightly due to my good briefing. He was later on appointed as the CEO of the parent Company for his good job. But with time, due to bad media or press on illegal mining activities, the Company’s shares price dropped drastically. 

I lost my investment in the shares of the Company in Ghana and in the Toronto Stock Exchange. So please, let us always bear in mind that nothing ventured nothing gained and some risk may lead to very heavy losses. So we should see what Atlantic Lithium Ltd has offered to Ghana as the best so far in the history of Ghana, if we so want more ownership (shares) of the Company, we can simply buy more shares of Atlantic Lithium in the Stock Market at any time ‘T’ when on Call option shares are traded. 

Dear Professor Gyampo and the Yaa Asantewaa of our time, please nothing ventured nothing gained. So please, let us consider Ghana and Atlantic Lithium First, by reminding ourselves at all times that sika empe dede.  

Please, let us support Atlantic Lithium for the great benefits of Ghana, so with the idea of nothing ventured nothing gained we should be thankful to God, hence be content with the total of the 19 percent shares and the planned not less than 30percent shares for Ghanaians when listed in Ghana Stock Market and the idea of a Refinery in Ghana hence at Saltpond for close to Takoradi Seaport

Folks, I am very happy with the very good news of the local content policy and local participation policy. With these policies, Ghana can generate a lot of Mr Ibrahim Mahamas of Engineers and Planners who started with a motor bike/wheel barrow and by Allah he had contract mining/haulage of ore by Golden Star Resources (Wassa Mine) and Goldfield Ghana. Today my dear brother is a business magnate par excellence. Likewise the owner of Rocksure International benefited from local content policy and the owner of OA travel and tour Transport who was with Bogoso Mines. 

Professor Gyampo to stop his tantrums, discard his PHD (Pull Him Down) disease and wise up by organizing his people to see if they may be given  the mining or haulage contract or as contract as Security Service Provider etc jobs to create at least 10 Ibrahim Mahamas at Saltpond as his target. Hence, this submission to him and the chief of people of the area and others to wise up and do the right thing by thanking God for Atlantic lithium Ltd and cooperate with the Company. He should ensure the mine 24hours economy become a working and training place for the youth. Obuasi Mine employed Mr Sam Jonah and trained him today, he is a global icon earning dollars for Ghana which should be regarded as earning from Obuasi Mine. Mr Ndoum original source of wealth is from Obuasi Mine.

It is also heartwarming to hear 1 percent of the gross sales to be given as a Community Development Fund etc. The people of the area, especially the youth so therefore ignore the tantrums of a Prof and sign their eyes and work fast to generate Ibrahim Mahamas of Saltpond etc because the price of lithium may soon drop in the World Market due to substitute or source of lithium in scraps.

My people wise up and allow the Company to operate and buy shares when the company is listed in Ghana and please note option shares have expiring date and a striking price you can sell, so do not behave like some of us who were not studying the market for us to sell or buy more shares and due to our stupidity or was it our ignorance, we lost our principal as well because shares have expiring dates as stated.  

This is not 419 business story but tells a very risky or interesting or tricky issue in the mining industry, that is a Company making money in the Stock Market with the Share price of the Mining Company or an Exploration Company which increases as a new discoveries of additional mineral ore are confirmed by financial analysts.  Thus the possibility of better dividends to the Shareholders as stated without actually mining an ounce of ore from the declared ore reserves but it was/is so due to an alleged net worth of the Company assets as reported to the Capital Market . As stated the Obuasi Gold Mine as at December 2016 was of no value as narrated by one of our Kings.

So, people like Professor Gyampo and others must stop making wrong calculations on how much the Atlantic Lithium is going to make from mining the Lithium and rather understand that it rather stands to gain from the Share Price of the parent Company which Ghana at this time with our financial crisis is going to buy 6 percent of the shares of the parent company as listed in the London Stock Market. 

Further gains will be made as stated by the sector Minister that Atlantic Lithium will be listed in the Ghana Stock Market for real or honest Ghanaians to buy and not the Counterfeit Ghanaian with the trademark of fronting for foreigners to gain a lot that is the politics (way of life) in the Mining Industry and the Ghanaian.   

Professor Gyampo and others must understand that new minerals like Sodium and Hydrogen will soon replace or dilute the importance of Lithium, hence a possible drop in both the price of lithium and or the Share Price of a lithium Company like Atlantic Lithium is envisaged from my rich experience in the mining industry. 

 Professor Gyampo and his associates must stop their tantrums and give way to Atlantic Lithium, so that with God at their side, they may perform financial engineering or magic in the Stock Market to make more money for the Company and Ghana, through the leveraging of the reportedly commercial quantity of Lithium to raise capital like how Mr Wayome woke up one bright morning and secured GHC60 Million from Ghana under the Mills administration through his financial engineering exploits. So, Atlantic Lithium is only reporting occurrences of Lithium in Ghana for it to go to the Capital Market and do financial engineering for funds by floating shares. This should very good news for Ghana and her citizens.  To gain a lot from the Stock Market requires daily studies of the price of the shares when bought or offered, so that one should sell quickly the whole of his or her shares or a part of his or her shares in time before it becomes toilet paper. 

  Professor Gyampo and others must understand that ‘Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained’ as propounded by the great Onassis, one time the Richest man in the World. If we want more from our minerals let us also invest in the risky work of exploration. 

We tried with GNPC in the prospecting and exploration for oil in the era of Papa J, I can tell you that if we have left the exploration of oil work with GNPC, hmm, we would not have discovered oil as at date and the likelihood of Ghanaians made to pay GNPC recovery levy as part of tax package envisaged.  

Thanks to his Excellency President Kofour who through one Mr George Owusu and his two brothers brought a foreign investor Komos Energy from USA  (Google for George Owusu shares the Ghana oil story and lessons learned) and they discovered oil in commercial quantities which some of us with our poor thinking capacity otherwise our brand of PHD (Pull Him Down) instead of rejoicing for this breakthrough rather had the contrary or mistaken belief that it was palm oil presented by President Kofour.       

Fellow Compatriots, by section of (6) of Article 257 of the 1992 Constitution the minerals in Ghana belong to you including, Professor Gyampo and myself but the minerals are vested in the President of Ghana on behalf of and in trust for the People of Ghana.  Once again Nothing Ventured, Nothing gained was what guided President Nana Addo of Ghana who, based on the legal regime employed a very good negotiation skills that secured the best deal in the Extractive Industry in the history of the World. We may not like him because he seemed to be one of our Leaders, who may be lacking testicular fortitude, so he cannot even kill a butterfly or mosquito or change his Finance Minister and others, but this matter with Atlantic Lithium, he must be commended for a good job, based on prevailing laws enacted by Parliament for the Executive to implement.

Ghana stands to gain a lot by quickly granting the chance to Atlantic Lithium to mine the Lithium, First it must be appreciated that mining is 24hours economy activity and fall in the production sector/ Industrial sector (Manufacturing, mining, Engineering/construction etc), so beside wealth creation more 24hours or 8 shift hours jobs are going to be created at the Downstream, Middle Stream, Upstream and side stream (ancillary or indirect jobs for food sellers, taxi and trotro drivers etc revenue from VAT inputted goods and services). Ghana may gain over 10 Billion Dollars from the deal, and Atlantic Lithium will not able to take all the ore before it exit from Ghana.

Ghana will gain greatly from the planned 19 percent shares, 10% Royalty, 13% free carried interest, by the State from Atlantic Lithium Ltd, as against existing 5% as required at section 25 of Minerals and Mining Law 2006 (Act 703) as amended in 2015 by Parliament in 2015 payable by existing large scale mining companies respectively for gold.

  The Company shall also pay 1% of its revenue into a community Development Fund, 3.06 percent share in its holding Company, 6% shares in the Company as listed on the Australian and London Stock Exchange will be gained by Ghana through the Minerals Income Investment Fund, Corporate Tax, PAYE, VAT etc and one percent growth and stability levy on the revenue and the need for the establishment of a Refinery for value addition, lastly, issues of local content and local participation policies. It should be noted that Australia, DRC, Zimbabwe, Mali royalties are not above 6 percent. 

 It should be noted that, the President of Ghana has negotiated for the floating of local shares of Atlantic Lithium  in the Ghanaian Stock Market with a minimum of 30 percent shares to be reserved for Ghanaian Institutions  which the Districts Administration of the affected areas, Insurance Companies beside a gain as underwriters of the risk,  SSNIT, TUC, GPRTU and the citizens especially  Professor Gyampo, the Chiefs and people of the Area and  the general citizens should buy as soon as the shares are offered to the Public for a possible  gain from the dividends of the Shares. But they should take note to read the rules of shares.

 Furthermore, the President of Ghana and or the Parliament of Ghana through the local content policy in employment and local participation in the supply chain,  Ghana stands the chance to generate 24hours economy in all the three streams of Upstream, Downstream and Middle/Side Stream of Atlantic Lithium operations in Ghana. Hence creation of more developments, revenue for Ghana, jobs for the citizenry more wealthy businesswomen and businessmen or more Mr Ibrahim Mahamas or more firms like Engineers and Planners, more Rocksure Internationals.

As stated, Ghana through the affected area is to gain 1percent of total sales monthly or yearly to be given to the affected areas in the form of Community Development Fund for development of the area and the affected areas may gain Corporate Social Responsibilities by the Company. So, let us get Professor Gyampo to tone down the rhetoric  and understand that what was/is declared as ore reserve does not necessary translate to cash to the Company.

Obuasi Mine as explained by one of kings is a good example rather is to make gains from the global financial or capital market through  surging of the Share price, and this should be good news if Professor Gyampo and his cohorts wise up and buy shares when issued out/offered by the Ghana Stock Market  or even acquire  equity from both the parent company which is available to the State of Ghana and Ghanaians if Ghana wants more shares as traded  in the London Stock Market, so let us stop the ugly noises thus exposing our  ignorance on how the Stock Market work  because it is a 24hour economy with trading by selling and buying of shares every second both day and night 24/7.

It should be noted that Atlantic Lithium Limited is a Major Exploration and Mining Development Company based in Australian and registered with reputable foreign Capital Markets or Stock Exchange Markets. These include the Australian and London Stocks Exchange (LSE) thus governed with transparent regulations. 

So, in March 2023 with just the info of the discovery of commercial quantities of Lithium in Ghana by Atlantic Lithium, resulted in the appreciation (increase in the value) of shares of the parent Company though it did not mine an oz out of the huge tonnage of lithium ore for production of concentrate of Lithium. Hence, Ghana by a good deal was able to secure 6 percent shares of the Parent Company and has gained dividend or appreciation of the value of the 6 percent shares.

Ghana as a shareholder of the Parent Company, which has other marketable assets especially Lithium Ore reserves in Ivory Coast, Australia etc will thus benefits from the yearly dividends to be paid by the parent Company. That is when the preliminary process are completed and the agreement receives Parliamentary Approval in 2024 before exploiting or Mining of the mineral as decreed at Section (1) of Article 268 of the 1992 Constitution. 

The deal is to be okayed firstly by our compatriots in the affected areas during a Public Forum to be organized by EPA at the area for Atlantic Lithium to buy the Social License from the affected Communities through an Environmental Impact Assessment Report prepared by the Company if ok, then a payment of millions of Dollars to the Ghana through EPA as Reclamation Bond for restoration of the likely mined out areas by EPA in case of default or claim by the Company upon satisfactory rehabilitation of the degraded areas.

 Payment of the Bond against rehabilitation is done before EPA can issue Environmental permits. Then  subsequent payment of fees to the Stool Land Commission after all this that  the Minister of Lands and Mineral Resources through the Minerals Commission issues Mining Operation Permit, then submit the Agreement  for  the ratification by Parliament. I hope this little education will cool down our dear Former Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo, the Yaa Asantewaa of our time that it is a sequential process. So God willing, the ratification will be done in 2024 

By the 1992 Constitution, the Atlantic Lithium deal must be ratified by Parliament of Ghana which is to give input by resolution to be supported by 183 of Hon MPs (our dear Patriotic Citizens, with no NPP and NDC dirty politics but Ghana First). So, we expect that at the right time in 2024, the Right Hon Speaker of Parliament and Hon Dr Ato Forson based on our history of not good in managing State commercial Institutions like State Gold Mining Corporation, Ghana telecom which is now Vodafone, TOR, ECG (hmm PDS saga) Ghana Railways Company, AGC Obuasi, Obotan Gold Mine, Bank of Housing and Construction, GNTC, Ghana Airways,  Black Star Line etc will therefore think of Ghana First by fine tuning the Agreement and  give  green light to Atlantic Lithium to start mining in good time. 

Our MPs should study the Atlantic Lithium Agreement very well and check to ensure that they give  support to Atlantic Lithium in good time and should not demo our disease of gross incompetency, like what MPs of the Sixth Parliament  or previous MPs voted for a loan agreement which led to a  wrong location of  a Sugar Refinery at Komenda instead of putting only a very small sugar mill at Komenda for crushing sugar to produce raw sugar and the Sugar Refinery at Tema as recommended by experts especially Cargill International to President Mills in 2010. This was/is to be so, for the Ghana Sugar Refinery to operate 24hours business as an effective industry in import Restriction or Substitution effort with cheap imported raw sugar. This is the situation in India which has Sugar Refineries within the India Ports’ enclave. 

Folks some of our Leaders  are professional in creating debts,  so it should not be a surprise that Komenda Sugar factory is now a white elephant or an albatross around the neck of Ghanaians. Hmm we may soon be called upon to pay Komenda Sugar Factory recovery levy like the very stupid tax termed as the TOR recovery levy and Energy (ECG) recovery levy, GNPC recovery levy. Levy to cover expenses on COVID19 pandemic Hmm, one day we would be asked to pay for toll booths or Motorway recovery levy. 

As stated Hon Tahiru Hammond is a show boy, Dr Bawumia should be grateful to him very much for confusing Hon Dr Ato Forson and others with his well thought strategy of import substitution policy envisaged as a showdown plan, may be in his mind to downgrade the newly found slogan of 24hours economy with his Import Restriction or Substitution policy which if done properly will promote 24hours economy to help in the improvement of our Economy Fundamentals, so that the exchange does not expose us. As well as to generate more jobs, wealth, improve on Ghana’s Balance of Payment etc. So Import Substitution or domestic production of primary goods and adding value to them in the secondary and subsequent sectors induces 24hours economy dictated by good market or demand and process of production like a Large Scale Mining Company which works 24/7 and Atlantic Lithium Ltd is going to that.

Dr Ato Forson and others, teaming up with GUTA against Hon Tahiru’s import substitution effort when it is or should be very clear to the leadership of Parliament that the IMF Bailout disallows Import Substitution policy. If this is true, then this speaks of the Dishonesty, Incompetency, and hypocrisy of some of our leaders. Ato should have wised up to give support of his Excellency former President Mahama’s 24hours economy by working with AGI and not GUTA. 

We are very grateful to some members of GUTA etc. But some of our Compatriots with GUTA need to be stopped with or made to reduce the desire for wealth creation by importation of wastes or inferior goods etc and have thus turned Ghana into a global Warehouse for dumping Products of other Countries, hence Ghana is a refuse dump or ‘Bola’ in Hausa for yemudie or intestines termed as ‘towel’ in chop bars and others.

 Please, we need to be very responsible citizens, very careful and Nationalistic in the demand for a good deal through good acts and not by ugly noises with unfounded wild allegations. Let us understand that the world is full of adversaries with some of them sponsoring CSOs or paid CSOs are exploiting lucrative situations by making ugly noises or certain acts in to continue to be in the pay books of theirs sponsors for their interest.  Otherwise, let us stop the expression of gross ignorance on issues in the Mining Sector, culminated in using unpalatable words like a bad lawyer and corrupt persons for accepting the deal with Atlantic Lithium or words worth of the same meaning.  

As stated, ugly noises caused the price of the shares of Atlantic Lithium to drop drastically by 42 percent to 21 points but with God at the side of Atlantic Lithium, it increased in the morning of Wednesday 15 March 2023, from the 21 points to 28p based on a denial and clarification on the matter of the allegation which indicated the son of the Chairman of NDC bought the shares after due diligence and he was to get 2.5percent royalty and 280,000 worth of shares. 

The allegation was reported as not true, but take note that it is true that Atlantic Lithium was granted exploration license in 2012 under the laws of Ghana and so unless by illegal Nationalization with the associated hazard of huge judgment debt, so based on nothing ventured nothing will be gained, so the best Ghana can do is to negotiate for a better deal and not act by uncivilized way because Ghana and Atlantic Lithium exploited the legal regimes as at 2012 and knew the legal issues for an investment on exploration, so no retroactive law as stated in Article 107 of the Constitution can negate it. 

.So let us understand that Lithium mining is either by use of Water Plants for washing of the salt or brine as in the mining process or by mining of hard rock, mining process.  For the salt or brine mining process, Salt Lake or pond is created by pumping systems, followed by evaporation of the water and later the brine purification is done to remove unwanted items. Then chemical treatment is done for a precipitation process for the desirable product and the waste. This is followed by filtration by treatment with Soda ash to get Lithium Carbonate, then washing and drying are done to get the final product. 

Lithium Mining by hard rock includes mining of the rocks or ore at the Mining Pit to a stockpile for loading into a Crusher for crushing the rock, then to the roasting tanks for roasting and then cooling.  It is milled and roasted again, the next is acid leaching with sulfuric acid, then extraction of magnesium etc to be followed by precipitation with soda ash and next is neutralization with lime and the final crystallization to give battery grade lithium hydroxide.  

So Lithium Hard Rock mining like gold mining has several jobs with the process which starts with the locating, sometimes blasting, mining of the ore and gathering it or loading straight into haulage trucks, haulage of the ore to the stockpile, feeding into the crusher and the later like in the case of gold ore then through the conveyor belt to the Ball Mill for milling, 

The whole process is as  in gold mining, so it takes 24hours or more, so it elicits three shifts system of 8 hours per shift  for mining staff, Security Staff, environmental staff, Safety Staff, haulage staff metallurgy staff, laboratory staff, medical staff, catering staff, etc hence 24hrs duty economy is pronounced mainly by industrialization (as in mining or a processing plant in order to get the final product as in mining, manufacturing to meet ,market demand as in white Sugar production or in Tailoring in the production sector of the economy hence import restriction or substitution is required for Country like Ghana. 

 Ghana stands to benefit a lot from the Mining deal with Atlantic Lithium beside the Royalties, the shares the local content policy reached by Ghana and Atlantic is one of the best in the World. The Citizens of Ghana especially Locals from the area can take up contracts as Service Providers, (Contract Mining, transportation, Restaurant, the Security Services, suppliers of needed items, medical services etc).

Let me reiterate that Mr Ibrahim Mahama of Engineers and Planners used to be riding on a motor bike, through a dedicated work and thinking outside the box, today he is one of the Business magnate in Ghana with a private jet.  So Prof should contact my brother for inputs for his people to generate more Ibrahim Mahamas.

  It was by God that Mr Ibrahim Mahama through the local participation policy, was able to make arrangements for hiring of equipment and trucks and performed contract mining by haulage awarded by Goldfields Tarkwa and Damang, and Golden Star Resources Wassa Mines. He was granted the mining and or the haulage of gold ore as service contract.  So over to you Prof. 

.We need to put in place systems to ensure that the Country can generate revenue for benefits of the host communities which is going to pay for the cost, loss of land, loss of biodiversity, other environmental and social issues. So by governance standard and practices and for public good, let us consider getting them hospitals, clinic, schools, roads, sport developments and local participation in the value chain.

Please note Mexico, cited as an example by my good friend Dr Tony Aubyn, a former CEO of Minerals Commission/Ghana Chamber of Mines and others, as a Country considering the State Mining Lithium after it was discovered by a private investor was very problematic as the CEO of the Mexico Chamber of Mines has stated and could led to a very big judgment debt beyond the payment by Mexico, since it was made clear to the President of Mexico that he cannot use a retroactive law. 

The alleged action of Mexico beside as an uncivilized act is unconstitutional and illegal or a wrongful act against the foreign or the Chinese Company noted as Ganfeng Lithium Company. So it is bad example to be quoted by civilized persons especially or former CEO of Minerals Commission/Ghana Chamber of Mines. 

 Mexico, is currently very hot due to awareness of this problem and is now thinking of the State should consider in future to take up the prospecting, exploration and Mining. So the President of Mexico is finding it difficult to walk the talk hence the President of Mexico is just a populist so just talking the talk, since Mexico has no sufficient capital to go into a very risky venture of prospecting and exploration which demand high technology. 

Ghana had an example of the poor work of GNPC not necessary of an issue of competency of the Staff but due to lack of capacity with necessary capital/technology in order to be able to find oil in commercial quantities with high tech exploitation work.

  The former CJ and her associates must be educated that but for the entry of foreign exploration companies like Kosmos Energy that led to the oil find, there was no way an Exploration Company of Ghana like our GPC of Ghana could have found oil with her cash strapped  situation thus rendered it with poor technology or equipment. 

We need to say it as it is, Ghanaian Mining Company again. Hmm they must understand that the Ghanaian is a crook or dishonest and will use all sorts of tricks to cheat the Nation and the poor citizen will be taxed in the name of recovery levy to support say Ghana Lithium Company if owned by Ghana. COCOBOD is an example with personnel taking pay more than the President but COCOBOD since 1992 has been huge losses and on Robbing Peter to pay Paul expedition. So Ghana stands to gain better by the Private Investor than from a State Organization. 

TOR used to be a Private Company called Ghana Italian Petroleum Company (GHAIP) paying reasonable tax besides supporting the national economy in Petroleum and other sectors until it was nationalized into TOR in 1977 by General Acheampong Regime. 

TOR was/is expected to be a very profitable Company paying dividend to the State because the demand for the products to be produced by it is inelastic, thus irrespective of change in the price people will still buy TOR products. But annoyingly, the citizenry including the Former CJ and cohorts are required to pay TOR recovery levy since 2003. Another matter very annoying is the running down of TOR with the view to buy it through fronting for foreigners.  I do not think she and her cohort are prepared to pay Lithium Mining Recovery Levy in future. We need to read the sad story of AGC Obuasi and the reason it became AngloGold Ashanti Obuasi formerly owned by the State as the Majority Shareholder.

 Hmm we collapsed the effective Railway system to allow greedy boys and girls to collude with foreigners, our brand to bring haulage trucks for the haulage of bauxite, timber, and manganese. 

Vodafone used to be Ghana Telecom and not much was gained when Ghana Telecom was under a State with Ghanaian as members of the Board and Management Team. Hmm, the Board ensured it held meetings almost every week for the Chairman of the Board and the Members to milk the place by harvesting sitting allowances or per diem. 

The welfare of the local staff should matter very much to us.  Thanks to God, Mr Ahmed Adam Salim, is the General Manager Operations of Atlantic Lithium Ltd, he is a brother and friend at Bogoso and likewise Mr Razak the Country Director of Atlantic Ltd, was also with Bogoso Mines, hence also graduated from Bogoso Mine.  Both with vast experiences in mining and community affairs as well.

Both Mr Ahmed Salim Adam and Mr Razak the Country Director are going to take very good of the Company, the Staff, the Catchment areas. As graduates from Bogoso Mine, they understand the mining terrain, how one sometimes must fight to get promoted and get paid well in some foreign Companies. I had to fight hard before I was promoted to Security Superintendent and as head of the Security Department, I remained as Superintendent and got annoyed and reigned.

For whatever, reason the Ghanaian in the Company was not promoted as the Security Manager. But anytime they brought an expatriate he was either appointed as Security Manager or Loss Prevention Manager and keep him long, which was against the local content policy of Ghana, which required training of locals and handover same appointments to Ghanaians. I got annoyed, so with the support of National Security (BNI and Immigration) we prevented the return from leave of two expatriates who were appointed as Security Managers. 

Then the Company brought in one Col Okine (rtd) and made him also as a Security Superintendent and with me as Superintendent and I did not understand why he the Colonel was not made the Manager of the Security Department. So, both us and Safety personnel worked under an expatriate as Loss Prevention Manager.  I caused for his not returning to Ghana when he went for leave because he caused the termination of Col Okine because,  the Col’s,  investigation into an incident, suggested that the expat was at fault, with his demand for the sacking of two Ghanaian Safety Officers under Loss Control Department. 

  One Mr George Tieku, you will not believe, a former Director General of BNI was appointed as my boss instead making him as Manager, we shared the same status as Security Superintendent, so technically, I should be the senior. This is just to let you know that some of the foreign mining Companies with the Ghanaian collaborators who have been appointed as managers etc do not treat their staff very well. This need to be well addressed in the local content policy.

Our Ghanaian brothers at the HR and Admin Department are a problem to Ghana, they do not speak well or good for their fellow Ghanaians.  So, thanks to God  for Mr Ahmed with Atlantic Lithium, he went through the mill to become a GM at Bogoso Mine, so he understands the mining terrain a lot and I hope and pray that when Atlantic Lithium Ltd starts to operate, he will work with Minerals Commission to see to the effective operation of the Local content policy and prevent Ghanaians from fronting for foreign Companies in the supply chain and ensure he works with Prof Gyampo to create Ibrahim Mahamas for the area otherwise the region..  So let us use Atlantic Lithium Ltd to create more Mr Ibrahim Mahamas.

So I pray Mr Ahmed and Mr Razak will ensure effective local content policy with the appointment of a Ghanaian Security Manager and not like what happened at Bogoso where the Head of Security if he is expatriate notwithstanding his qualification, was made Manager and under implement the system when it is a Ghanaian, so he cannot go beyond Security Superintendent notwithstanding his qualification or level of competency.  I did not tolerate this nonsense,   so as stated I colluded with National Security and made three of my bosses to be repatriated or to be refused entry to Ghana from leave. I hope this narration may help Country Ghana. Thanks.

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