Giving Is Indispensable In Christianity – Pastor Adubofourh Asiedu

Pastor Adubofourh Asiedu
Pastor Adubofourh Asiedu

The Yennyawoso District Minister of The Church of Pentecost, Pastor Maxwell Adubofourh Asiedu, has impressed upon Christians to make a frantic effort to develop the spirit of giving as the gesture forms integral part of Christian service.

“Any Christian who does not give is not a complete Christian no matter how much they may serve,” he stressed.

He said this on Tuesday, August 29, 2023, at the ongoing District Lord’s Supper and Tithes prayer week at the Yennyawoso Central Assembly auditorium. The week-long event is being held under the theme: “Impacting Generation With Giving.”

Dilating on “Giving,” taken from Acts 20:35, Pastor Adubofourh Asiedu gave numerous definitions of giving. According to him, giving is transferring ownership or possession of something either temporary or permanently.

He added: “Any service we perform in the church is giving. Therefore, service is also a giving.”

Reading from 1 Corinthians 4:1-2, the man of God highlighted that Christians are stewards of the mysteries of God. This, according to him, means that God has put everything under the control of Christians, noting, “Since we are the stewards of these, we should not be stingy, but rather transfer them to others.”

He emphasised that giving determines one’s faithfulness in the Lord, saying, “Whoever understands giving, does not find it difficult to tithe.”

Quoting 2 Corinthians 8:9, the Yennyawoso District Minister mentioned that every Christians is destined for greatness and affluence, following their belief in Christ Jesus. He said that there is no poor man in the Kingdom of God, therefore, Christians must exhibit this richness through giving. “Every rich man must give,” he underscored.

Drawing parallels between sacrifice and offering, the clergyman stated: “Sacrifice is offering, but not all offerings are sacrifice,” highlighting that sacrifice is special offering as it costs the sacrificer something valuable.

Touching on the origin or foundation of giving, Pastor Maxwell Adubofourh Asiedu explained that God first gave His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to the world (John 3:16), who in turn used His life as ransom for humanity.

He further noted that God, in addition to Jesus Christ, has also given everything to man free of charge. Christian giving, he said, should be inspired by Christ’s inexpressible gift, urging the congregants to replicate this gesture in their Christian life.

After the sermon, he ushered the congregants into a period of prayer.

Mrs. Joana Amoakowaah Adubofourh Asiedu (wife of the District Minister) was present at the service.

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