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Global Black Impact Summit 2023 to Promote Black Tech Leaders

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IN A TECH-DRIVEN SOCIETY much can be expected when it comes to transforming global society through inventions.

That much is true for the global Black community as well.

Forinstance, the Global Black Impact Summit (GBIS) 2023 highlights that in 2023, the world has truly become a tech-driven society, with advancements in Information and Computer Technology; Artificial Intelligence (AI); robotics; biotechnology; machine learning and more catalyzing social and economic development.

GBIS 2023 adds that, in this industry, Black entrepreneurs are at the forefront, integrating innovation with a forward-looking approach and changing the world one invention at a time.

In recent years, notes GBIS, the world has come to recognize the remarkable accomplishments and profound influence of these entrepreneurs in the global tech landscape. Individuals such as Mark Dean, an influential tech figure, have made ground-breaking contributions to the industry, including innovations like color PC monitors, plug-and-play peripherals, and the development of the first gigahertz chip, significantly shaping the tech landscape.

Similarly, Ime Archibong, born to Nigerian parents, rose to prominence within Meta (formerly Facebook), serving as Vice President of Product Partnerships and later assuming the role of Head of New Product Experimentation in 2019. The promotion made him the highest-ranking Black employee at the company, where he played a pivotal role in guiding Meta’s innovations from concept to launch,” revealed GBIS.

And in the mobile industry, South African-born Nokwethu Khojane’s venture, Lakheni, innovatively unites low-income households into buying groups to negotiate favorable discounts. Using mobile technology, it aggregates these households into a collective that enhances economic efficiency and affordability, exemplifying the transformative potential of #BlackExcellence in reshaping the tech industry towards economic equity and inclusion.

In addition, says GBIS, these examples are just a few of the many innovators shaping the global tech industry. However, Black entrepreneurs often face distinct challenges, such as limited access to capital, bias, and a lack of representation.

“Yet, they have thrived by demonstrating determination, resilience, and innovative thinking. To combat the challenge of securing venture capital funding, many Black entrepreneurs have turned to alternative sources like crowdfunding, angel investors, and grants. Additionally, many have become advocates for diversity in tech, striving to ensure that underrepresented voices are acknowledged and valued within the industry.

For Black entrepreneurs, students and investors looking at entering the global tech industry, opportunities are abundant and growing,” notes GBIS.

For example, as AI and Machine Learning continue to advance, Black professionals continue to develop solutions that enhance the performance and equity of these technologies. Examples include Renée Cummings, Founder and CEO of Urban AI, a New York-based firm that researches the impact of AI on urban communities.

The sustainable tech sector is another field which offers avenues for Black entrepreneurs, with startups dedicated to eco-friendly solutions, renewable energy, and green infrastructure, all of which are contributing to a sustainable future. In this field, Monique Ntumngia, Founder of Green Girls Organization in Cameroon, a company which trains women and girls on how to generate sustainable energy with the help of AI, is leading sustainable development.

Within the realm of blockchain and cryptocurrency, entrepreneurs explore applications that create financial opportunities and broader access, particularly for underserved communities, according to GBIS.

Emmanuel Udotong, for example, a Web3 founder, builder and consultant, is leveraging digital technology to advance opportunities for underrepresented people worldwide. Through his company Ancient Warriors, he is building a blockchain security company to facilitate the safe onboarding of the next generation of crypto users.

In the field of tech, GBIS 2023 is poised to become a symbol of progress and inclusivity. The summit will not only celebrate the outstanding achievements of Black entrepreneurs but also contribute to a more diverse, dynamic, and inclusive future for the tech field. As the tech industry continues to evolve, GBIS stands as a catalyst for this transformative journey.

According to the GBIS, the upcoming Global Black Impact Summit (GBIS) 2023, set for 30 November to 1 December in Dubai, serves as a platform to celebrate the invaluable contributions of Black entrepreneurs within the tech industry and shed light on the opportunities available for other individuals to partake in this transformative sector. GBIS 2023 is committed to showcasing the innovative spirit and ground-breaking achievements of Black tech entrepreneurs who are not merely adapting to the technology-driven transformation but are actively propelling it with visionary concepts and revolutionary solutions.

Organisers also edge the Black community not to miss the chance to join the global movement championing #BlackExcellence at GBIS 2023.

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