Global Energy Interconnection Development And Cooperation Organization Geidco
Global Energy Interconnection Development And Cooperation Organization Geidco

The Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO) Saturday launched a comprehensive action plan to rev up ecological renewal through adoption of cleaner energy sources and efficient energy use.

Liu Zhenya, chairman of the Chinese non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable development of energy worldwide, said that charting a new pathway leading to a green and prosperous future is possible if countries reduce overreliance on fossil fuels and improve management of natural resources.

“The global environmental crisis will be solved if fossil fuels are replaced with renewable sources of energy. We must also change our production and consumption patterns to tackle pollution, climate change and destruction of biodiversity,” said Liu.

GEIDCO launched the action plan on accelerating transition to a green and sustainable future on the sidelines of the ongoing second session of the UN Science-Policy-Business Forum on Environment taking place in Nairobi.

Policymakers, scientists, business executives and innovators are attending the two-day forum ahead of the fourth session of the UN Environment Assembly to be held next week in Nairobi.

Liu in his address at the opening ceremony of the forum said that a swift action is required to tackle pressing environmental challenges like deforestation, marine pollution, depletion of fresh water bodies and solid waste.

He said that greater adoption of green energy will not only boost communities’ resilience in the face of climate change but also promote health of vital ecosystems.

The GEIDCO action plan proposed investments in clean energy technologies and restoration of degraded ecosystems as a means to accelerate low carbon development.

Senior GEIDCO leader Huang Han said that a dialogue that seeks to promote adoption of renewable energy and sustainable utilization of resources should be prioritized in order to achieve ecological renewal.

“We should create a platform for sharing knowledge that revolves around how to achieve development without compromising the integrity of our environment,” said Huang.

He said that investments in clean technologies, research and innovations is key to tackle emerging global environmental challenges like marine pollution and unregulated urban waste disposal.

GEIDCO, with its permanent office domiciled in Beijing, China, is an international organization among willing firms, associations, institutions and individuals who are dedicated to promoting the sustainable development of energy worldwide.

It aims to promote the establishment of a GEI system to meet the global demand for electricity in a clean and green way to implement the UN “Sustainable Energy for All” and climate change initiatives, and to serve the sustainable development of humanity, said its official website. Enditem



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