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Global Resistance: South Africa and France Stand Against TotalEnergies’ Offshore Projects

Gc In Paris Pic
Gc In Paris Pic

In a synchronized display of dissent, protests have erupted in both South Africa and France against TotalEnergies’ ongoing offshore oil and gas ventures.

Coinciding with TotalEnergies’ Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Africa Day, demonstrators are vehemently opposing the multinational corporation’s activities, citing concerns over environmental degradation and the exacerbation of climate change.

Civil society organizations such as The Green Connection in South Africa and Bloom in France are spearheading these protests, aiming to underscore the imperative of a just energy transition away from fossil fuels. They emphasize the urgent need to address the climate crisis and advocate for the protection of coastal communities and marine ecosystems.

Liziwe McDaid, Strategic Lead at The Green Connection, asserts, “TotalEnergies’ century of operation symbolizes a climate crisis demanding immediate action. Profit cannot take precedence over the planet. It’s time for TotalEnergies to prioritize people and the environment over profits.”

Claire Nouvian of Bloom echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the necessity to hold corporations accountable for their environmental impact. “The decisions of TotalEnergies’ board of directors have demonstrated a disregard for responsible stewardship. We must stop climate criminals to safeguard life itself,” she declares.

The protests in France coincide with TotalEnergies’ AGM, serving as a stark reminder of the company’s historical contribution to climate change. Demonstrators in both countries call attention to the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), underscoring the disproportionate impact of climate change on vulnerable communities.

Gc In Paris Pic
Gc In Paris Pic

In South Africa, small-scale fishers and activists are leading the charge against TotalEnergies and Shell, highlighting the potential threats posed to livelihoods and cultural practices. Coastal communities have united in opposition to offshore oil and gas exploration, advocating for a shift towards renewable energy solutions.

Sifiso Ntsunguzi, a small-scale fisher from Port St John’s, emphasizes the significance of preserving marine ecosystems. “As a coastal community member, I oppose oil and gas exploration in our ocean. Our livelihoods and cultural practices depend on the sea, and we cannot risk its degradation,” he asserts.

These protests carry political implications, urging voters to elect leaders committed to environmental protection. With South Africa’s national elections looming, demonstrators emphasize the importance of aligning governmental policies with the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

As voices from the frontline echo across continents, the message is clear: the time for action against fossil fuel expansion is now. In the face of mounting environmental challenges, global solidarity emerges as a potent force for change.

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