GLOMEF Unveils ‘Resilient City for Teens’ Initiative to Sunyanihemaa

Sunyanihemaa with GLOMEF Officials
Sunyanihemaa with GLOMEF Officials

Global Media Foundation (GLOMEF) has introduced the ‘Resilient City for Adolescent Project’ during a special presentation to the Paramount Queen of Sunyani Traditional Area, Nana Akosua Dua Asor Brayie II. This initiative marks a noteworthy effort to address the unique needs of Sunyani’s youth and foster their well-being.

The organization showcased its commitment to addressing health and environmental challenges with a specific focus on the unique needs of Sunyani’s youth.

Mr. Raphael Ahenu Junior, CEO, and Founder of GLOMEF, led the presentation team to the Sunyani Palace.

Ahenu emphasized key components, including health education, mentorship programs, and community-based activities.

Ahenu expressed a resolute commitment to collaborating closely with local stakeholders, ensuring the success and long-term sustainability of the Resilient City for Adolescent Project.

Mr. Raphael Ahenu acknowledged the local context, recognizing Sunyani’s rapid growth as an intermediary city in Ghana, coupled with challenges in infrastructure and social services struggling to keep pace.

He emphasized that adolescents in Sunyani, facing distinct needs amidst diverse cultural dynamics, currently lack adequate participation in decision-making processes.

The Resilient City for Adolescents, according to Ahenu, seeks to empower youth through a three-pronged approach—social, political, and economic empowerment. This involves addressing specific needs, increasing inclusion in city-level planning, and ensuring sustainable access to quality services.

The primary goal is to create a resilient city system where adolescents actively contribute to planning and development.

Mr. Raphael Ahenu outlined key interventions, including efforts to improve access to quality healthcare, education, and social services, mitigating the negative impact of issues like smoking, drug abuse, and mental health problems. Creating job opportunities, involving youth in city planning, and utilizing innovative technology for advocacy are key priorities. An online platform will facilitate communication, information-sharing, and advocacy among Sunyani’s adolescents.

In addition, Mr. Raphael Ahenu highlighted the significance of the project consortium and partnerships. Led by the Global Media Foundation, the consortium includes Citizens Watch Ghana, a local NGO specializing in governance and accountability, as well as education and Information, Communication, and Technology institutions.

Public- and private-sector entities critical to city planning and development, including the Sunyani Municipal Assembly and the National Board for Small Scale Industries, are integral partners.

Together, they will encourage youth participation and create direct networking opportunities, further reinforcing the collaborative nature of the Resilient City for Adolescent Project.

The paramount Queen of Sunyani Traditional Area, Nana Akosua Dua Asor Brayie II. Commended GLOMEF for its proactive approach to addressing the needs of adolescents in the community.

She highlighted the importance of initiatives that contribute to the well-being and resilience of the younger population, recognizing them as vital contributors to the community’s future.

The Resilient City for Adolescent Project reflects GLOMEF’s ongoing commitment to community development and environmental health. The organization aims to create a supportive and empowering environment for adolescents, fostering their physical, mental, and social well-being.

As the project progresses, GLOMEF and local leaders anticipate positive outcomes that will contribute to the overall resilience and prosperity of Sunyani’s adolescent population.

The collaboration between GLOMEF and Sunyanihemaa underscores the significance of community engagement in addressing the unique challenges faced by adolescents and promoting their holistic development.

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