Gloria Akuffo Must Cut the Comic Relief and Concentrate

Gloria Akuffo
Gloria Akuffo

Ms Gloria Akuffo, Spokesperson of the NPP legal team, which is challenging the 2012 Presidential Election results in the Supreme Court (SC) is gradually becoming a poster girl for misinformation.

After her two superfluous stories concerning the so-called burglaries at her office which some are claiming as self-sponsored, did not fly with Ghanaians, this woman Gloria Akuffo will simply not shut up and concentrate on her tethering case before the Supreme Court, but has sought another tactical approach to get some public sympathy.

Out of nowhere came the news that the NPP is seeking police protection for Gloria Akuffo because of a bogus story concerning somebody on motor bike who went to her office to demand her residential address. Why those at Gloria Akuffo?s office did not trick the motor biker to wait whilst they alert the police for his arrest is anybody?s guess.

But that was not all. The story went further that the NPP is also asking for police protection for Philip Addison, the lead counsel of the NPP in the election petition. Why Philip Addison?s name was added is beyond comprehension. Are Gloria Akuffo and Philip Addison the only two lawyers leading the case for the NPP?

So why would the NPP ask for protection for only two lawyers and leave the rest of the pack if indeed there is credible evidence that the lives of the NPP lawyers are under threat? Why leave Egbert Faibille, Akoto Ampaw, Prof Ken Agyeman Attafuah and the others out of the equation? Please be my judge for today.

The answer is simple. Gloria Akuffo has realized all too soon that she has reached the dead end of the bogus case that she and others are pursuing. Gloria Akuffo is very much aware that this case will forever taint her record if she even has any, if the NDC wins it. The exuberance with which Gloria initially brought to the case has suddenly vanished and those who have been watching her on TV have seen her struggles at the end of each court proceedings trying to whip the ?dead horse? by remaining positive.

Therefore, to gain public sympathy and divert attention from the NPP?s case which is being blown apart by the NDC, will you be surprised if you hear Gloria Akuffo running to the police for protection when in fact there is nothing to show that her life is being threatened?

The NPP through their General Secretary, Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie has told everybody in Ghana that they don?t trust the Ghana Police Service because it is the NDC Police Service. So why will the NPP now turn around to seek protection from an institution which they do not trust?

There are a lot of comic going on at the NPP political playing gallery. And one of the comic relief is certainly Gloria Akuffo who has gained notoriety by concocting stories rather than stay focus on her bogus case.

What Gloria Akuffo, Philip Addison and the NPP are seeking to do is to create the impression that the NDC or some faceless people are after them because of the case. I believe the NPP should stop deceiving themselves and come to the realization that the NDC do not need to go after any of them in order to win the pending case before the SC.

The comic by Gloria Akuffo is enough. She should cut it and focus on the case. There are millions of Ghanaians who know what is happening and can read between the lines. Therefore, Gloria cannot deceive anybody that her life is in danger. If there is anything that is in danger, it is rather the NPP bogus petition before the SC.


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