Gloria Akuffo Says 871 Exhibits Not Found In Registrar?s Audited Exhibits



A member of the petitioner?s legal team Gloria Akuffo has revealed, there are some more boxes of pink sheets yet to be counted despite a completed report submitted by KPMG.

Her comments come shortly before hearing of the Election Petition resumes after a 10 day break.

The break was to afford KPMG to audit the number of pink sheets filed and served on the Respondents. It was ordered by the court.

But speaking in a court interview today, she said ?we still have, outside of what has been counted,boxes of pink sheets sitting with the Registry which has not been counted? ?a situation the lawyer said she could not understand.

She said the court order required that KPMG count all the pink sheets.

She revealed the total count of pink sheets exhibits in the custody of the Registrar was 13,926. Of this number, 3,593 was found to be duplicates. She said the difference would therefore amount to 10,333.

However when exhibits in the custody of the President were counted, it was 9,860.

Out of that lot, Gloria Akuffo said 871 of the exhibits were not found in the Registrar?s exhibits audited.

She added that the Respondents also used a total 1,097 pink sheet exhibits which were neither located in the Registrar?s copies nor the President,s.

Gloria Akuffo added that when all the separate figures are added it will vindicate the position of the petitioners that over 11,842 pink sheet exhibits were filed.

She insisted that the Respondents could have avoided this whole process by simply asking the petitioners to supply them with missing pink sheets.

Her counterpart, Nana Ato Dadzie, who is part of the ruling party?s legal team and third respondent in the election petition hearing said the court will today unravel any mystery surrounding the count of the pink sheets.


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