The workshop on the theme: “Enhancing the Leadership Qualities of the Imam for National Development,” was aimed at empowering the imams of the mission in the region to have a vision that would enable them move the people and congregation along.

Sheikh Muctar Abubakar, World Islamic Cal Society, said an Imam is a leader in the broader concept and goes beyond the daily duties of leading prayers in Islam.

He said an Imam is someone who takes the role of a leader, does what he does well and replicates that in the society in order to be followed, adding that Imamship is a trust and an honour.

Sheikh Abubakar said Imamship is a role model position, an honour, trust and pushes one to uplift his knowledge base in to be abreast of the technology or order of the day.

“The original purpose for creation of Adam, was to worship Allah and develop human welfare, thus to submit oneself to Imamship is greatest thing to do as a Muslim,” he noted.

He said an Imam should be someone who knows and understands the Quran as well as the Hadith of Prophet Mohammed and submits himself to the will of the Almighty Allah.

He noted that an Imam should be someone who is spiritually and physically confident, sincere, honest, does all things because of Allah, emotionally intelligent, continues to learn new things and practices and has good language skills.

“An Imam should always be good looking, consider his congregation, as well as the place and time, keep a data base of the congregation in order to be able to monitor and be abreast of their situation and must always be himself.”

Sheikh Tijani Muktar, Islamic Scholar noted that an Imam is also to serve as an eagle eye to the community and the congregation in order to safeguard and render a helping hand to them if the need be.

He said Imam as a leader needs to be supported financially, emotionally and spiritually to be able to do their work properly, and be able to tackle challenges confronting the society.

Sheikh Muktar said engagement of the youth is key to the development of the Muslim, and called on the Imams to concentrate on the development of the youth as well as women spiritually in order to succeed as leaders.

Source: GNA/News Ghana


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