GMO: Food Sovereignty Ghana Welcomes Court Ruling

Fd D C E E C D
Fd D C E E C D

Greetings Comrades! Today is a victorious day for Food Sovereignty Ghana (FSG) and our Allie’s. After nine years in court today although the judge dismissed our case against the commercial release of the GM Cowpea as part of her ruling she has directed that All foods and feed containing GMO must be labeled to afford Ghanaians the right to make informed decisions.

That means we should have labeling even in the markets where beans are sold as well as supermarkets. She also recognized and accepted that more education was needed on GMO beyond what the National Biosafety Authority (NBA) had done.

FSG and our Allie’s must increase our grassroots engagement and ensure Ghanaians can choose weather or not to Patronize food that contains GM ingredients.

That means no GMO cowpeas in Waakye,Tugbaani, Koose or RedRed if you do not wish to eat GMO! This directive by the court is hailed by All responsible Ghanaians and we remember our Founder and Comrade the patriotic Ali Masmadi Jehu-Appiah for his courage and vision.

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