The Ghana News Agency (GNA) branch of the Communication Worker’s Union of the Trade Union Congress (TUC-Ghana) on Tuesday joined millions of Labour Unions across the world to mark the International Labour Day.

The CWU-GNA team together with hundreds of placard-carrying Ghanaian workers congregated at the Black Stars Square, the venue for the Greater Accra Regional celebration of the event, which was characterized by drama, fashionable T’ Shirts, music and dancing.

The air was filled with noise, blended theatrically with unaccustomed chorographical movements amid the display of company banners, placards, products and any other materials.

For the GNA workers, the celebration was a time for deep and sober reflection on the current state of affairs and the way forward to strengthen the Agency’s brand.

Mr. Henry Adomako Oduro, Chairman of the Union said “it was time everybody accepted to find space to contribute to the growth of the GNA”.

He rallied the workers to forge ahead with the single-minded goal of raising productivity.

He expressed concern about the shrinking workforce and its lack of resources to efficiently operate and called for the government to move quickly to address these

Mr. Oduro noted that despite the challenges they had been struggling with, the workers had remained undaunted and had continued to give it their all.

“We in the Communication Worker’s Union would like to congratulate all workers for their hard work and dedication.

GNA workers on their own have moved, accepted digitization and embraced transformation to remain relevant in today’s digital world.”

“We in the CWU-GNA would also use this occasion to restate our commitment to the protection of the worker’s right and in the same breath urge all workers to continue to work to meet set targets.”

“We would also use the occasion to appeal to the government to help ensure that the GNA is well funded to enable it play its crucial role in the development of the nation.”

The theme for this year’s May Day was, “Uniting workers for social and economic advancement.”

May Day provides the workers their right to work for only eight hours a day. This gives labour relief from the stress and pressure from lots of activities performed in a single day.

Historically On May 1, 1886 labour unions went on a strike in the United States of America and demanded that workers should not be forced to work more than eight hours a day.

In 1889 a meeting took place in Paris where it was decided to celebrate May Day on an annual basis through a proposal given by the Raymond Lavigne and said that international demonstrations is required to celebrate the anniversary of the Chicago protests.

The day gained recognition for international celebration as annual event in1891.


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