GNAT commemorates Founder’s Day in Kadjebi

Ho Political Founders Day
Ho Political Founders Day

Members of Kadjebi-Asato Local Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) have commemorated the Founder’s Day with a health walk in Kadjebi township.
Addressing participants, Mr. Francis Norgbedzi, Chairman, Kadjebi-Asato Local GNAT, appealed to the youth to emulate the tenacity of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to serve as a driving force to motivate them for success in all their endeavours.

He said they needed to shun the blame game at the slightest opportunity since Dr. Nkrumah and other forebears of the country persisted in the independence struggle and liberated the Gold Coast from colonial rule.

Mr. Norgbedzi also called on teachers to exude hard work and professionalism to uplift standards in the educational enterprise in the district.

Mr. Derrick Yaw Akpoh, Secretary, Kadjebi-Asato Local GNAT, urged the teachers to foster unity and live in peace with each other.

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