The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), Ministries’ Division, has sensitised residents of the Arts Centre, Accra on fire safety precautions.

The exercise formed part of the GNFS “Special Fire Safety For All” programme launched by the Service to educate the general public.

Shop owners and residents at the Centre were educated on how to douse fire and the proper way of using fire extinguishers.

They were urged to acquire fire extinguishers as well as memorise the GNFS hotline 192 to enable them get in touch with the Service in times of fire outbreaks.

DOII Naomi Ofori Adubea, Fire Service Commander, Ministries Fire Station said many fire outbreaks were due to negligence and electrical faults, adding that only few were as a result of arson.

She said the GNFS in its quest to prevent fires, conducted a fire audit some weeks ago at the Arts Centre and observed that there were no fire safety measures at the Centre, which exposed occupants to fire hazards.

DOII Ofori Adubea said wooden structures being used as dwelling places, cooking in the market without safety measures and illegal electrical connections and blockage of assess roads and alleys as some of the observations her outfit made in the fire audit.

The Fire Service Commander, therefore, appealed to shop owners and residents at the Centre to abide by the rules and regulations of the GNFS by acquiring fire certificates.

She also urged them to acquire fire extinguishers as part of safety precaution measure.

DOII Ofori Adubea also urged city authorities to open up the entrance of the Art Centre to provide means of escape for both buyers and sellers in case of fire.

She announced that the GNFS would also train fire volunteers and fire wardens to assist other occupants at the Arts Centre in case of fire.


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