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Gonjaland sleeps in the stomach of a volcano


The Concerned Youth of the Gonja Traditional Area has called on the Yagbonwura Sulemani Jakpa Bore-Essa I to desist from unconstitutional acts in the Gonja Traditional area.

According to the youth, if care is not taken, the recent shooting between the people of Kafaba and Kalampor would be a precursor to events in the Gonja Kingdom.

They called on the Yagbomwura to reverse his unconstitutional acts before he dies.

The youth said the Bole Traditional Area is sitting on a time bomb and any minor incident could set the whole area ablaze, adding that the announcement of the death of Yagbonwura Bore-Essa I or the Bolewura Mahama Pontonprong II could possibly spark violence in the area.

Kulibuwura Ewuntomah, Chief of Kuli Traditional area (Mankango) and a co-defendant, were found guilty by the Tamale High Court in a case of embezzlement of public funds paid to the Kuli Traditional area as compensation and as a result Kulibuwura was deskinned and a new one enskinned in his palace but the Yagbonwura ordered the convicted chief to be retained, they indicated.

At a press conference at Damongo, the spokesperson of the group, Alex Ibrahim Abdulai said the Manderwura automatically succeeds the Bolewura but there are two Manderwuras presently.

“In the event of the death of the Yagbonwura or Bolewura, neither of the two Manderwuras will surrender the skin to the other without a fight’.

The statement was signed by leaders from six Gonja traditional areas Sonyo, Keblima, Bole, Damongo, Kilibu and Manpang.

Alex Ibrahim Abdulai told DAILY GUIDE that few months ago, the Damongo skin became vacant after the demise of the Damongowura Jakpa Lermu Tuntumba II but the Yagbonwura ordered the enskinment of a Damongowura as against Kuntungkure Gate, the traditionally and constitutionally mandated authority.

If the Yagbonwura wants to change the constitution in favour of tyranny, then he is free to do so but he can be sure that this will be met with stiff resistance, he indicated.

According to him, the executives of the Gonjaland Youth Association were tasked to investigate the grievances of the concerned youth and report back to the committee made up of Buipewura, Wasipewura, Kusawguwura, adding that when the report came out, they recommended to the chiefs to accede to the demands of the youth.

“Surprisingly the Buipewura-led committee adopted an intransigent posture on the issues raised and even stated that we could go to hell and that they were prepared to fight to enforce the illegal decisions of the Yagbonwura. We were shocked that Buipewura Abdulai Mahama Jinapor would look on and even cheer the ignorance.

He added that at a Gonja traditional meeting few years ago, Buipewura Abdulai Mahama Jinapor brandished a pistol and threatened to shoot any person who came near him at the event, disclosing that he escaped lynching by the youth who thought his behavior was an affront to the Yagbonwura.

The Concerned Youth of the Gonja Traditional Area stated that they would not resort to violence, saying “but we would like to assure the Yagbonwura that we would pursue this matter with every legitimate means at our disposal to make him change his position on the issues raised.”

They called on fair-minded, peace-loving and fearless Gonjas to rise to the occasion and reject injustice and despotism to ensure the future of the next generation.

From Eric Kombat, Damongo

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  1. This is totally wrong presentation, which court found the Kulibuwura guilty., That’s totally wrong presentation and such informations should not be entertaining.
    Should you want the whole details of the case you can contact me.
    Logically the people you are talking about enskined the Man by name Baba Idrisu before the court.


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