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Goodbye Prof. Mills, Goodbye Friend


On the 21st?of July, 1944, you were welcomed to this world of both good and evil. We wore white and were busting in elation for there was an addition to the Ghanaian family. Honestly, you were not just any inclusion, but an effective as well as efficient son. This Tuesday departure time of 2:15pm will possibly constitute some enmity between us Ghanaians and this ugly day. Yes, that 24th?July, is odd, awkward, chilly, icy and ugly. ??

?At age 27, you obtained Philosophy of Human Development at Law. Prof. you continued to Lecture in academia, till you joined Public Service as Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). With your steel built feet from sports, you looked carefully and leaped onto the slippery sliding slopes of the political dais. In this arena you were the Vice-President, during the second term of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), under the Fourth Republican Constitution of Ghana. The people of Ghana opted for you in place of your equally excellent competitors in 2008, and your title was indeed in total finality, by the grace of God, His Excellency. Yet you had the sense of humility to acknowledge your God not claiming equality. You humbled yourself before your master and He lifted you up. You have served your people. Well done the Servant of the people. When you were with them, they loved you, when you left they are missing you. We are being carried away in the flood of our own tears. In 1944 at dawn your coming brought smiles and laughter, as well as evidence of clear heart, white cloth. In 2012, your departure leaves behind wailing and teeth gnashing, and we are completely drown in red and black. You arrived here on earth on Friday, Fiifi, and left on Tuesday. What a black Tuesday?

We the people of Ghana dare whatever is in this Dark Tuesday in our country?s? history to avail itself. You came through the back door and coursed grave damage to our precious eye. Listen, we are hurt but not weak. Death o death, you struck us from behind and left us tearful, but we stand united. Death, you passed your icy twisted hand by and took from the blind side of us the people of Ghana, we dare you. He had capable and tenable men and women to defend and protect him. But as coward as you have always been, you chose guerrilla tactics instead of conventional war fare. We dare you and all your abilities to step forward and fight us. You will find us resolute and unbeatable. Why emerge at odd hours when the children of this strong man were seriously working. Come out! We dare you! You coward!

We are going, only heavens know where we are going, but we will surely get there in one whole piece. Professor Mills boarded life?s journey bandwagon from Ekumfi-Otuam on Friday 21stJuly, 1944 and alighted at 37 Military Hospital at exactly 2:15pm on Tuesday, 24th?July, 2012, at the 68 years junction. You did your earthly journey by land. Now you start this solemn forever journey on the wings of the Lord?s angels. We proudly wave you goodbye knowing very well you are neither the first nor are you going to be the last. We will also come up to where you are. The only bitter and sad aspect of this journey is; we cannot at once make this journey at a go. We know perfectly well that, all of us did not make it to this mysterious world together; hence others will go ahead of the rest. It is synonymous to the umbrellas of Kings they are not the same.

Coward! Coward! Coward!

Death we call you coward!

You came from behind

You came us blind

You came to our hands bind

Death you are dare

Death, come with your venom dire

We will not have our hair dye

Because, we will not die

Dare us with your venom

We stand waiting for you in akimbo

Emerge with your useless, needless combo

Odd, awkward, ugly, that is you, death

Silly, chilly, icy hand, you death

This have we heard it told

In this land of gold

To many of my fold

By honourable men of old

Who recounted you bold

How you death is cold

Death you were born

We heard you were stubborn

Death, you we dare

Death, come with your venom dire

Professor Mills goes for treatment

And you ugly death give us bereavement

Ghanaians will not hire to death fire

Coward! Death we call you coward!

Coward that is who you are death!

You are a coward!

You we dare

Come with your dire

Coward! Coward! Coward!

Professor Mills is going into a life of no darkness, no sickness, no illness, of righteousness, painless; a Godly Father of oneness, who in Him is fullness of lightness, where there is no body lifeless, for life in heaven with God is endless. This is our solace which solely holds back our blood socked tears from our souls for our beloved.

May you have a good royal sleep in the warm bosom of your Holy, and Faithful God. Sleep on Fiifi, Sleep on my President.

Source:??Patrick Twumasi

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